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  1. J

    Help!! Non start

    Hi there iv had the runflat indicator light (esp) turn the key and nothing wont start crank turn off on will start everything works curise control ect all tyres are find no puncture and pressures are find i have read the fault code using the icarsoft mercedes reader and snapon also autologic...
  2. A

    Fault code: P200813, P200A07 & P20151C Cylinder Bank 1

    Hi all, I replaced the camshaft cover gasket on my 2015 CLA220D W117. The car starts and seems to run fine but, the engine management light is on and the computer is giving me these codes P200813, P200A07 & P20151C in connecting to Cylinder Bank 1. Please can anyone help me with what this...
  3. B

    W204 in limp mode.

    I took my car for diagnosis and the error code pointed to the EGR valve. They fitted a new one and it went into limp mode on the way home. They have tried various things including new hoses and replacing the engine exhaust temperature sensor. So, today I bought an ODB reader and the code was...
  4. M

    error code p000277

    I have an error code on my c250 cgi 1.8t, it is a p000277 'the commanded position cannot be reached' has a malfunction. the engine cut out twice in two different occasions, but the second time caused a management light.
  5. M


    Hi everyone. Started to notice the high MPG and loss of power on my 08 e220 cdi. Bought a Bluetooth OBD scanner and the next codes appeared : P206D P20B6 P2251. In anyone experienced that, please give me an advice on what to do next or what might be the problem. Thanks !!
  6. S

    Ml250 W166 NoX sensor fault code P2201

    Hi I only picked up my 2012 Ml 2 weeks ago and while my wife was driving the Engine Management light came on, I phoned the garage where I purchased it from and they told me to phone the AA, they came out and checked the fault as a P2201 NoX sensor circuit range/Performance bank 1, he cleared the...
  7. Trueblue1872

    Fault Codes......Could the problem be....

    Hello again folks, after getting an intermittent engine management light on my w203 c180 Kompressor i decided to dive in at the deep end and purchase an OBD2 Scanner tool. i have been since still getting the intermittent light after clearing the codes. they are as follows:- P0101- Mass/Volume...
  8. G

    2003 W220 S350

    Hi guys Hope somebody can help. My car throws up these faults under acceleration after about 4000rpm. I can reset the codes and the engine light goes out and drives fine otherwise as long as i don't go above 4000rpm. Spark plugs, coils, fuel filter, air filter are all recent. Any ideas...
  9. M

    W211 E-220 REAL TIME Data: Can you read the problem?

    Hello members, I am troubleshooting a 722.699 gearbox with "no acceleration/no power" in D or R mode. I have a E-220 CDi [W211] - 2002 with 234k km. Performed the ATF service and changed the Electronic Conductor Plate/Plug/Seals. But still after few days of driving this stubborn car is in "Stand...
  10. D

    R170 SLK 2000 Face Lift

    Hi, I want to get some kind of diagnostic tool for the above SLK. I'm aware that this model and age might be before the current OBD2 and I'm not really sure what ports are available on the car and the sort of stuff I can do? Can anyone help? Dave
  11. S

    Fault codes -no power to engine and black smoke.

    Hello, I'm hoping someone could help me with a few problems I'm having with my Mercedes c class sports coupe 2006 diesel. I've had the car for a few months and have had trouble with it from the start. I first had to replace the conductor plate because of oil leaking. I got a diagnostics done...
  12. C

    C200 Engine management codes - help with interpretation

    Hi all, I have a C200 diesel (55 plate), and it's recently had the MIL come on (orange). I've plugged in the trusty old code reader and it's thrown three codes up. Any help in interpreting would be greatly appreciated. Car seems generally a bit low on power, and was for a while before the...
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