1. S

    Non standard wheels on C220 SE

    Hi there, first time poster here. I have put a deposit down on a 2016 (66 plate) C220 SE from a vauxhall dealer. They have fitted what I think are these wheels. The tyres are 18 inch 255,40 (picture of actual wheel attached) These seem to be wider than any of the official options for this...
  2. C

    Genuine Merc roof racks query

    Hello all, dont suppose anyone knows if genuine Merc roof racks, part number B66850021, which i bought for my 04 ML270, would be suitable for a 2009 ML? Reason - I'm selling a pair and the prospective buyer has a 2009 ML. I cant seem to find the answer online and the parts department at Merc is...
  3. S


    Hi there everyone, well I'm a newbie to this site and quite a newbie to my Mercedes w202 C280 Sport and I'm loving it I only bought it as a cheap run around but have been bitten by the MB bug. I have been looking at everyone cars to get an idea on what to do and update and what to spend my hard...
  4. nicensleazy

    Will This CD/ Radio Fit My W208

    I've seen advertised on fleabay a fully working 2004 model MF 2540 double DIN CD/ Radio MERC PART NUMBER A 209 8 20 2689 reasonably priced. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the single DIN unit fitted to my CLK apart from the fact that it refuses to play copied CD's and it can't handle...

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