1. S

    B class Sport - height from ground to front wheel arch?

    I have a 2008 B180 Sport and I keep grinding the front over speed humps :( The suspension is rock hard and it's running on 45 profile tyres on 17" rims I need to check to see if someone has lowered the car so if there are any B180/200 CDi owners with the Sport model on 17"s could they...
  2. Smaltze

    W210 E320 Hard limp mode strange cause

    I was working on my nearside electrics box and i took out the Gear box ECU control unit, part number a 030 545 20 32. I barely noticed when i first took it out i thought it was just a bit of oil on the wires. I tried to use the car later on and it was in hard limp mode, no shifting from 2nd...

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