headrest rattle

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    CLK 200 Kompressor Rear Passenger Headrest Back-Cover broken off. Replacements?

    Hi there, My car has leather headrests with abs plastic covers. I've noticed one of them has snapped in multiple locations and now hangs loose on the poles. The part does have a code to identify it, but after searching on Google or other threads I haven't found any place to buy spares from...
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    Rattle in W203 Left Hand Front Seat Headrest

    Hello Folks, the car seat headrest has this annoying rattle. on a road that is even slightly rough, it rattles, its a sort of noise like a screw in a tin can . its soft at times and then it gets bad whn the road is rough. its really winding me up. i took it to the dealership and they said they...

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