1. S

    CLK 200 Kompressor Rear Passenger Headrest Back-Cover broken off. Replacements?

    Hi there, My car has leather headrests with abs plastic covers. I've noticed one of them has snapped in multiple locations and now hangs loose on the poles. The part does have a code to identify it, but after searching on Google or other threads I haven't found any place to buy spares from...
  2. G

    Front passenger head rest wiring termination? - 2005 E Class Elegance S211 Estate

    Hi, I wish to regularly remove the front passenger head rest so that I can lay the interior as flat as possible for long loads. (Windsurf boards to be exact) The head rest stops the seat from going flat, it just over laps the the top of the back seat when folded down. I have removed the...
  3. J

    Rear Headrest - W209 CLK (not cabriolet)

    Hi, Both the rear headrests in my W209 2003 CLK (tintop not cabriolet) are suffering from flaking leather. It's an Avantgarde with light and dark grey interior and the rear headrests are manual as far as I know - just a release button to flip them up/down. I am looking to replace them with...
  4. jeremy156

    W221 front seat headrest removal

    The driver's seat headrest has been a bit wobbly since I got the car - but the other day after it was pulled a little too much by a garage seat cover, something has broken and it's become loose. Some broken black plastic fell out when I poked a finger in and it slops forward when I'm not...
  5. S

    [Wanted] W124 front wings, ideally in silver, also rear headrests for estate

    Near-side most needed, unsurprisingly, but OS also required in due course. I'm in S Oxfordshire, but I can get a courier to collect if you can package it/them up. I need all three rear-headrests, too, in the blue/grey fabric for preference.
  6. R

    CLK W209 Head Rest Problem

    I have an intermittent problem with the head rest on the passenger seat of my CLK 320 convertable. The problem is that when the seat is tipped forward to allow someone to get into the back seat the head rest goes down as normal, the problem is that when the seat is tipped fully forward the...
  7. olivier_wery

    [Wanted] R129 electric seat headrest switch

    Hi all, Continuing the refurbishing of my 96 SL280. I am looking for the small left door electric headrest switch (Litteraly the small plastic cap that clips over the switch itself). These units normally come all together with all 3 switches and cost a lot. Wondering if someone would...
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