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  1. A

    Change registration plate

    how do you unlock the plastic frame? To change the reg plate. I have no tools to unlock it.
  2. pnevesfoto

    Service "B" - what to do and to look for...

    Hi you all, my W203 C220 CDI 150bhp is getting close to the "service B" time... the last time I performed the "service A", I replaced the following parts: • engine oil (5w40 Shell Ultra) • engine oil filter (Mahle - MB supplier) • engine air filter (K&N) • cabin air filters (Mahle - MB...
  3. R

    W140 1996 'How to' videos/Manuals

    Hello! W140, S500, 1996. The interior rattles. Don't want to hand it over to the cruel hands of body shop guys as I can't stand broken holding clips, missing screws and a crisscross of scratches. Can any one kindly guide me where to find (free) DIY manuals/videos for the dash, center...

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