ignition switch

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    Ignition switch

    Hello iv got a 2006 mk2 mercedes sprinter recently it was broken into dashboard broken and only the ignition switch stolen I realised they want this to clone a key I've moved the van to a safe location and I still have the original key, if I purchase a second hand ignition switch and key off of...
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    C230 smart key down, can replacing ignition switch and key fix problem?

    Bought at auction...and I have a key. It worked on the door locks, for a short couple of days, but never did it let me turn the key or start the car . It won't budge. So instead of going to the dealer and having them order one from Germany and then towing the car two cities away to the dealer...
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    W204 Ignition Keyswitch - stays on after removing key

    Hi Guys This is a strange problem that has been going on for a while. The ignition switch acts normally most of the time but every now and then when the key is removed, the ignition system does not switch off. The dash lights remain on and the engine keeps running. The "cure" so far, without...
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    SKL 230 Ignition problems

    I have a 1998 SLK 230 wife took it to have brakes repaired at a non dealer shop. Now the car will not start, mech want to put anew key and computer in, it has a error code of P1750 and when you turn the key on the cooling fan starts to run. Any help would be so appreicated. Thanks
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    SL320 R129 Non Starter

    Hi, My '96 SL320 has been standing sometime and had a flat battery but after recharging she still refuses to start, all ignition lights come on but I can hear relays clicking away somewhere in the dash and the array of instrument lights go dim and then bright, on turning the key further to crank...
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    C180 (94) ignition key won't turn

    Hi I have a auto 1994 c180 with just a plain ignition key (not electronic).This morning the key would not turn. The steering wheel is unlocked but I can not get the key to position 1. I have tried both keys, wiggling them, spraying silicon into the lock but no joy. All the posts I have...

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