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    Blown Intercooler.

    I put my foot down coming down a slip road onto a dual carriageway, the engine 'coughed' loss of power, engine light on, it went into some sort of limp mode, got it to my mechanic, it appears that somehow the intercooler cover had blown off, it's with him now awaiting the bad news. Has anybody...
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    C180 Kompressor looses power on full-throttle

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with my C180 Kompressor (2003) Automatic 1.8. Sometime last week, when I was approaching a slip road on the motorway, as soon as I started giving it some gas, it seemed to just loose power and almost go into a neutral state for a few seconds. Once this...
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    C270 performance loss below 4000RPM

    My C270 CDI was recently in a light front end crash (the missus - dont get me started!), and this required new radiator, bodywork, steering wheel, seatbelts etc. On return from the bodyshop, the car suffers from a chronic flatspot below 4000 rpm or so. I've been racking my brains as to what...

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