1. solasoul

    Hello everyone

    Lovely forum here I appreciate everyone who made this possible. I am Sola Soul just got a C240 and I wanted to join and get some valuable advise on maintaining it. First Benz …
  2. D


    Hi Everybody My name is Daniel, and I love in Cornwall. My wife and I have a W221 S600 (M275), W211 E320 CDi (OM642), W164 M320 CDi (OM642), R170 230 kompressor, W906 (OM646), a W906 (OM651), with the exception of S & R class they all have well in excess of 100k miles on them, topping out at...
  3. Janchee

    Hello! W213 Estate and I've been halfway around the world in a car!

    Hi all - introducing myself after getting a 2016 W213 estate (soooo much car for the money!) In love with it! Bit of background about me ... I currently work in leadership around the subject of data. I go into companies and help them get profit from data. It's amazing what simple steps can be...
  4. T

    Mercedes 814 ecopower sticky gearbox when cold

    Hi Everyone I'm Tim and I've been running a Merc 814 ecopower as a racetruck/motorhome for the last five years. I love it, it is a 1998 model and has covered just over 100000km which I've been told is nothing. Its never let me down and hasn't even had so much as an advisory going through its...
  5. MattyH

    Greetings, hello and please help with C Class window woes

    Hi All, By way of introduction... I am new to this forum but have been reading a few posts over the past few days and am impressed by the knowledge here. I am a Durban, South Africa based W202 C-Class 250D owner. It was my mother's car but she can no longer drive. On the whole it is in fair...
  6. J

    Proud owner of A150 (W169) 2006.

    Hi, I just bought my wife the above car and apart from a few niggles, which we knew about before we bought it, it is turning out to be a great purchase. I have joined forums for pretty much every car I've owned in the last 10 years and find them a great way of getting advice about what could...

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