1. grahamwoodward

    CL203 - Merc CLC180 iPod connector

    Hi guys My wife's 2008 CLC180 has a 30 pin iPod connector in the glove box and a 'frame' to hold an iPod. The connector seems to fit Gen 4 iPods. Does anyone know if you fit a 30pin to modern adaptor will the latest iPods then work thru the steering wheel controls in Comand? You can also get a...
  2. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    I bought one of these from eBay as suggested (Genuine Mercedes A001827004 Media Interface) Unfortunately, it didn't connect to my iPod lead in the glove box (which was factory fitted). It was completely the wrong plug. So, I then bought one of the these ....3.5mm AUX Audio Jack Cable to 30 Pin...
  3. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    Hi, today I have just been bequeathed a low mileage immaculate 2007 C220 CDI (a W203 I think). It has the iPod connector in the glove box. I want to get an aftermarket DAB/Bluetooth radio unit so I can listen to DAB stations as well as play music and receive phone calls from my iPhone via...
  4. Bini

    AUX, USB not working

    Got a C207, 2011 E class coupe. Since I've had it, the USB, AUX and ipod have never worked. Opened the glove box and seems all wired up fine. When plugging in the USB the light doesnt flash up to suggest there's any power reading it. Someone suggested selecting SOZ on the head unit on CD menu...
  5. S

    Audible books at double speed C-Class

    Hi, anyone else with this problem: If trying to play audible files from an ipod (via usb connector) then the files play at double speed (and are therefore unlistenable)? My own Mercedes is 2016, and this problem has been there from day 1, regardless of updates. The dealership have been...
  6. Nick Hillier

    Media interface ~ order of track play

    Hi All, Having purchased the appropriate leads set on eBay, I was disappointed that my android phone was incompatible with whatever gizmo looks after the sound in my A207 but I dug out an old iPod mini which worked a treat so far as the sound went. Only a minor gripe but WHY does the car...
  7. alanjm99

    Ipod in 2013 W212

    Hi, I have the aux and usb in the centre arm rest which cable do i need to connect my 5th gen ipod touch Many thanks
  8. J

    W204 Question

    Hi guys, has every Mercedes W204 C class got the 30 pin iPod connector in the glovebox or was this an extra? Thanks, Jack
  9. S

    iPod/USB audio has stopped working from UMI

    I have a 2007 C200K Estate with the Universal Media Interface fitted. This has been working fine until yesterday, when the audio stopped working from iPod and USB sources. The audio from the navigation function is still working as is the audio from the Audio 20's CD changer and radio...
  10. A

    USB/Aux/Ipod no audio

    Hi, I have a 2011 C180 with a USB/Aux/Ipod 4th input in the top right hand side of the glove compartment. When I first bought the car, the audio was a little hit and miss, it would only play out on one side etc. Eventually this deteriorated and now no audio comes out whatsoever. My USB...
  11. jeremy156

    W212 iPod or generic MP3 player?

    I have a 2010 W212 E-class with a Media Interface connection in the glovebox. I don't have a cable or an MP3 player and so before I go and buy anything I wanted to understand what the difference would be if I spend out on an Apple iPod vs a generic MP3 player connected via USB. Is there a...
  12. J

    W221 COMAND NTG 3 iPod Connector in Glovebox

    I am in the process of deciding whether to buy a 2006 S320 CDI and in the glovebox there is an iPod connector (old style). I have tried to connect an iPhone 4 to it but it wont recognise it as a phone and wont charge it either. The car is fitted with the Telephone pre-wiring as an option (code...
  13. J

    How to get my phono jack to work

    I've just bought a 2nd hand Mercedes A160. It has a phone jack in the glove compartment but and I've connected a cable to my phone headphone socket but I can't get my music to play through it. The Aux option from the CD button doesn't seem to give me any way to do this. In the manual, it says...
  14. M

    B Class - Connecting an Android device as an Audio Aux source

    Hello, My used 2008 B Class came with an iPod connector and a Bluetooth phone connection already installed. The problem is that all of my music is on my Android phone and I can't seem to connect it all. My Audio 20 manual says that I can connect it as and AUX device via the 3.5mm jack in the...
  15. 6

    Max USB Memory size ? / IPOD no go - Fun with COMAND (NTG 4.0) on a W204

    Hi, I've had my C350CDI for a couple of weeks now. Lovely car, enjoy driving it immensely. I have the COMAND unit, with the multi disc changer, nav and media interface. I was given a new set of cables from the supplying dealer. I have a 5th gen iPod classic which when connected displays...
  16. M

    Mercedes SL - iPod connection??

    Hi there I have a 2008 SL350 - it's the first of the newer shape (2008-2012 facelift model). I have a the Command System (DVD, CD multi changer etc). I am told that it has the capability of connecting an iPod. I have an iPhone 5. Does anyone know what sort of cable I need? Also does this connect...
  17. roop_the_loop

    Connecting iPod to Audio 20 (E220, W212)

    Hi All, Newbie alert - first time poster! Also, a bit of an odd question, hoping that someone out there has come across this before... I have a new E220, and I'm trying to connect my iPod to the USB interface of the Audio 20 ent unit. I first tried with my daughter's new-ish iPod Touch...
  18. H

    New 2012 SLK USB Interface for IPOD Classic 160gb

    Hey everybody! Can I ask for your help please? I have a brand new SLK 250CDI AMG Sport that has the Media Interface ports in the centre glovebox/armrest. There is a USB port and a 3.5mm jack socket. When I connect my Ipod Classic using it's standard Apple Lead although I can play...
  19. B

    W210 Stereo - Daft Question

    Hello forum, I'm about to demonstrate my ignorance when it comes to ICE. I have a 1997 W210 E320. It has a Blaupunkt Paris radio/cassette in there. I'd like to replace it with something more modern & in particular, something with iPod connectivity. Can I buy ANY head unit & slot it...
  20. A

    Audio 20 Dot Matrix iPod B-Class

    Hi Guys Apologies if this has been covered a million times before but I've searched and can't quite find the answer I'm looking for. I have a 2007 B-Class with the dot matrix Audio 20. If I press CDC for a few seconds I get AUX Input Active which is cool. Sadly, no connection in the...

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