1. V

    CLS LED Multibeam Headlamp unit problem/fault

    Hello! new to the forum and relatively new to mercedes ownership. Thought this might be the place to ask questions and get help of this sort. UK based, Bought a 2016 CLS 350D Shooting Brake about 5/6 months ago and has been a pleasure and faultless to drive... until, about a few months ago when...
  2. 9

    Cl500 w216 rear stop/tail lamp fail.

    Hi, I have a waring rear left stop tail light failed. Took it all out to change lamp, then realised its led. All plugs and connectors look OK and pcb looks OK. Are these boards replaceable or repairable? Surely you don't replace the whole tail light to repair. I am a competent electrician and...
  3. mark.s

    LED Light upgrade

    Hi All, Just wanted to do a shout out to @LEDUpgradesUK after the CLS got the LED upgrades for interior, doors and boot lights makes such a big difference at night. The kits can be posted or fitted if your near to the Horsham area. for more info PM Steve @LEDUpgradesUK
  4. Janchee

    E-class 2016 Door Handle LED lamp bust

    Seen it all over the internet with these LED lamps failing. Both of my under mirror LED lamps have failed before and now both offside handle lamps have failed. Drivers door lamp still lights but very dim. Rear door lamp doesn’t light up at all. Anybody got Mercedes to replace these out of...
  5. LEDUpgradesUK

    Interior Bulbs Kits

    Hi all, hope this is the correct forum for this topic. I have a W212 Estate and am looking to replace the interior lights for LED's. I have found some fair priced bulb kits on ebay but they are for the saloon. Can anyone tell me how many bulbs extra I will need over what the saloon has? So for...
  6. Altamar

    Replacing rear light unit

    Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a suitable thread. I have damaged a rear light unit on my 2014 facelifted E class W212. If I manage to find a used one in a scrap yard (or splash out for a new one) are they just plug and play or do they need to be programmed in in any...
  7. jeremy156

    Installing 3rd brake light on w124

    I'd like to add a third (aka high level) brake light to my 124 saloon. I know US spec cars had this from factory, but I believe not so on the European models. My question is whether the wiring is in place or whether I need to tap into the brake lamp circuit on one side or the other? I believe...
  8. Daniel Sadjadian

    Left Daytime Running Light not working - CLS63 W218 2013

    Hi, I turned on my Mercedes this morning and noticed that a message appeared on the driver dashboard: "Check front left daytime running light". So I got out of the car, had a look and saw saw that only the right side was on. Does anyone know how I can replace the light myself (preferably...
  9. I

    Does an LED emblem cheapen the car?

    Hey you lot, I'm just trying to work out if I'd like an light up LED emblem on the front of my c class and though I would ask people's opinions? So let me know Thanks
  10. L

    CLK W209 - How to remove number plate lighting units

    Hi guys, after a number of unsuccessful attempts to fit led bulbs into my current number plate lighting units, I went for the actual led integrated units themselves, but don't really know how to get the old units out to replace with the new. The car is a 2006 CLK Couple w209 These are the...
  11. A

    S210 interior bulb replacement

    Took the plunge back into Mercedes ownership a few months ago (just can't keep away..) and am gradually working through the fixes on a 2002 S210 Avantgarde estate (well Alex Crow is mostly). One little problem that should be simple enough for me to fix is the light fitting underneath the...
  12. I

    CLC - Converting brakelights to LEDs

    all, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC-beginner class!!!) and loving it... Seeking your pearls of wisdom, as I plan to replace the tungsten filament brake lights bulbs with LED (mainly as I hate changing bulbs!) I know they need to be Canbus compliant, and I believe the bulbs needed are...
  13. I


    Hi All, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC - beginner class!!!) and loving it... wanted to say hello and how much i am enjoying stepping into a luxury world each day :-) also I've posted a question in "electronics section" about changing filament bulbs to LEDs... so any thoughts on that very...
  14. moj91

    W204 (Pre-Facelift) Keeps blowing sidelights...

    My W204 dislikes sidelight bulbs it seems (Pre-facelift) I changed them to LED (with canbus resistors built in, common type on ebay) and they all lasted no longer than a couple of months before failing. Yet the same ones, (same batch) have lasted well over a year and still going on our W220 S...
  15. G

    Results - eBay DRL's Fitted to W204

    Ordered some aftermarket DRL's for my C250 half expecting to send them back after looking at them but these turned out to be pretty good so thought I would share. They took around 45mins to fit, longest part was deciding how they should operate, when they should come on, dim and switch off...
  16. T

    SL High level boot brake light

    Hi, Has anyone got the instructions on how to remove the brake light on the boot. I've got about 5 LEDs out that I want to try and repair. The seal around it has disintegrated so prob caused by water ingress! Thanks in advance
  17. moj91

    LED Rear lights in W204 C-Class Estate...

    Hi all, Just bought myself an '09 C250 CDi estate sport, as my workhorse Astra was written off a few weeks ago. Hopefully this one will be reliable! It has the 'standard' bulb rear lights, but i've seen several from the same age with LED clusters in the rear lights (not mistaken with the...
  18. V

    E220 CDI exec-LED Lights supposed to be on ?

    just bought a 2011 E220 CDi SE Exec. and have a question on the LED's. They are shown in the manual as surround lighting but NOT Daylight Running Lights or Side Lights so I'm not sure exactly what to call them. Q is; are they supposed to be on or off when moving ? They come on when I'm...
  19. T

    Footwell Lighting

    Hi guys, I'm toying with the idea of installing some footwell lighting into my w202. Have found these on ebay; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-X-White-15-LED-SMD-Waterproof-Strip-Light-3M-30cm_W0QQitemZ280629436400QQihZ018QQcategoryZ28644QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ht_1894wt_905 Was...

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