limp mode.

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    Limp mode.

    Hi everybody i have a 2001 Hymer motorhome on a dump truck chassis (6 wheeler) its a 416. 2.7 5 cylinder engine with 56000 miles on clock recently when turning cab air con on it goes into limp mode if i pullover and switch of engine and air con and restart turbo kicks in again. Every garage ive...
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    Loss of power

    Hi everyone. I have a E220 CDI Advanguarde 2.2 diesel, 2004 Auto (119,000 miles) Over the past few months I have noticed this intermitted fualt when i'm driving there is a loss of power. When I try to accelerater there is no response even with pedal to the floor. I have tried manually...
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    limp mode

    Hello everyone, Can someone please help me, i have a c220 cdi 2004, it keeps going in limp mode. This problem originated after i replaced my 1St turbo which had the shaft broken. It started going into limp mode a day later it was replaced. so the mechanic advised me its the actuator...

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