1. J

    1991 190e ignition barrel and door locks

    My 1991 2.6 is starting to experience early lock, or key, failure and I'm aware that the best thing is to replace the barrel now whilst it's functioning or face a world of pain if it fails. Whilst I suspect it's probably the key, and I only have the one, it would make sense to replace the door...
  2. D

    Vacuum door lock leak

    Happy Friday everyone! There is a leak somewhere in the door lock vacuum system of my 2001 CLK Coupe. I suspect it's inside the drivers door as the is a hissing sound there every time I lock and unlock the car, plus the driver door lock no longer locks unless I push the lock down physically...
  3. T

    Locked out

    Please help I have an r reg c200. I've not used for months. I have a smart key but no emergency blade. I need to get into the vehicle so I can sell it. Is there a way without smashing a window Thanks in advance Tc
  4. C

    Central Locking Woes C250 TD Estate

    I have a P Reg Mercedes C250 Turbo Diesel Estate, the central locking is not working properly. I have 2 keys, one is broken and the other one I think is going to brake (not the actual metal key but the plastic button unit). I will now try and explain what is wrong with my central locking...
  5. grahamwoodward

    C240 (W203 2001) Central Locking problem

    Hi Apologies if I've added to other threads along the same lines, but car is driving me mad. My 2001 C240 (W203 elegance auto saloon) has developed a fault with the central locking. It won't lock from a distance. Changed the batteries in both fobs. Still doesn't work, sometimes even when...
  6. R

    W203 bouncing door locks

    Hi folks, My wife's W203 Coupe has had a bouncing door lock for a little while and although I have sprayed lubricant down the button thread it is still playing up. We were living with this but now my W203 Estate o/s front door lock won't lock or unlock on the remote, the internal light stays on...
  7. BRABUS R230

    500SL (R129) Central Locking Issue

    Hi All, I have a 1991 500SL and I have had a non working central locking issue,Ibelive it is a pump issue which is located in the boot near the battery, I have not yet attempted to remove itas it looks very difficult to do so, does anybody know how difficult ut is to remove as I have to take it...

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