1. M

    Terrible intermittent Engine Vibration

    OK. Firstly I apologise for the long winded nature of my post. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition with 108k miles on it. A few weeks back I was driving normally at around 30mph. I stopped at a junction. Accelerated quite quickly into the road and I felt a strange vibration in the throttle pedal...
  2. Acid@MSL

    MSL MY Genius with custom remap Group buy

    Update: we currently have 19 people signed up so would need another 6 to proceed. Any takers? Please read carefully! We are offering you guys the chance to do a group buy in order to receive a and . We can only offer them at these discounted prices if 25 or more of you buy. The price...
  3. Acid@MSL

    MSL Portable Custom Remap Handheld My Genius Devices

    MY genius handheld devices are now availiable for any Mercedes mappable via the OBD Port and all come with a fully custom bespoke MSL Performance Remap! C63 W204 510 Min BHP = £750 C63 W205 580 Min BHP = £950 M157 5.5 Bi turbo Min 660 BHP = £850 E63s W213 4lt Min 700 BHP = £1150...
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