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  1. fangio_gg

    W201 stopped whilst driving

    Hi, thought I'd share my issue. I haven't fixed it, but when I do, maybe it will come in handy for someone else. Till about a month ago my 1.8l W201 1992 been problem free since I bought it about a year ago. Got 300000km on it. When I bought it, it ran good, but I took the time changing: Rotor...
  2. L

    Selling number plate

    Hi guys , Just wondered if there would be any offers for my number plate, It reads "V8 AMG" and is currently on my Mercedes Message me if you are interested or reply to the thread Cheers Lewis
  3. B

    Rubber Car Mats - Who do you use?

    Hi All, Just wondering what everyone uses for rubber mats in their car instead of the OEMs? Car is 2001 2597cc Mercedes Elegance Estate Auto. I rang round a few dealers, all saying the part code is out of stock, possibly orderable from Germany, but then Germany says no more production...
  4. I

    Hello Everyone. Going to be a proud owner of a w220 s320 cdi

    Going to be a proud owner of a 04/05 s320 cdi this august once im back from a months holiday. Was going to purchase a e65 730d bt the ride quality in the s class is on another level from the beema (from my research). Cant wait to buy one. If any w220 s320 cdi owners/past owners out there...

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