1. K

    Any recommendations

    Hi I recently purchased an E220 D coupe 2017. It is a Night Edition and has an E63 body kit. I wanted to replace the front spoiler and wondered if anyone could recommend a company to purchase from? Thanks
  2. Bradcla

    Remap help!

    I’ve recently bought the CLA 180 with the intention of remapping it to a stage 1 (stage 2 if advised). After doing some research and reading some horror stories... I was wondering what other mods I’d need to do before the Re map (if any) so my car can handle the extra power? I remapped my...
  3. M4rti

    Brand new Bodykit for ML W164

    Hi all, I have a brand new SR66 Bodykit for W164 ML. I no longer need it as I have sold my ML. Im looking help to sell it, where’s the best place to advertise? I’m based in Co. Armagh and would prefer someone to collect it, however if it was worth it I would hire a courier. It’s an 8 piece...
  4. rai

    Hello from London

    Hi all, My name is Rai, some may have seen my car at a few shows and meets for the past few years. This is my pride and joy and currently undergoing changes to the engine and to the bodywork She is a 1995 1.8 with a manual transmission My Instagram is @Blitz_UK if you like to see more...
  5. JRH

    New w221 purchased

    Hi all, Bought a 2005 w220 a couple of years ago and have just very sadly sold my supercharged Range Rover sport, but happily replaced it with a 2008 S320L. Immaculate condition, 20inch AMG wheels, cream interior. Plans- dechrome, rear spoilers, black front grille, tint front windows, keep it...
  6. Petemayz

    Wheel sizes

    Hi all. New to forum. Own a 2014 C220 coupe. Just after some advice on wheel sizes. Currently have 18's with winter tyres but looking to buy some new rims for summer tyres. Does anybody know if 19's or even 20's would fit without any issues ? If so what tyre size i would need. Thanks in advance...
  7. Mr Filipov

    [Wanted] Brabus D6S Tuning Box

    Hello everyone, A bit of a long shot, but I am looking for a Brabus D6S box for my E350 CDI 265. I am aware these are very thin on the ground, but if anyone has any lead, or even better, selling one please let me know. Many thanks
  8. L

    2018 Mercedes AMG Exhaust Compilation

  9. S

    My experience of the Restoration & Modification of a 2001 S203

    With occasional help from members of this Forum, I have had a lot of fun and considerable reward investing time and esudos in a 12 year old C220 CDI Estate that a friend offered me 'for beer tokens' due to its high mileage. But the engine was clearly fabulous and not sounding or feeling any...
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