1. Acid@MSL

    Mercedes E63s Estate 2014 Project Time @ MSL Performance

    I have purchased this car from John (developer) after the sad events that had happened. As a lot of you guys know John and how much care and love he had for the car. We both decided that this would be a good opportunity to do something positive. Overall Goals 900 bhp - 1000 bhp Vmax event...
  2. A

    MSL - Acid - DPF/Remap(CLK 320CDI) - Review/Feedback

    Hey All, I had a hard time trying to take the plunge to remove my DPF and have a remap. So I thought I would leave some feedback to help those who are in my position. I have CLK 320CDI (w209) I was having issues with my DPF sensor and Mercedes dealers wanted to charge me an arm and leg to...

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