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    2012 C220 W204...Noisy on acceleration?

    Hi Everyone, First of may I wish you all a merry Christmas. Seeming to have problem after problem with my C220 (beginning to wonder now why I went for Mercedes to be honest). I had issues with the EML a little while back. Came on, went into limp mode. Tried forcing a regeneration, but...
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    2012 C Class 220 Diesel Manual Gearbox

    Hi Everyone, Not sure where to begin but would welcome some advice or ideas. EML came on a while back. Scanner allowed it to be deleted. Went ok for a while then came back on. Saying back up pressure etc. Had the DPF changed. Few hundred miles then EML came back on and back into limp mode...
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    Noisy Engine needing fine tuning

    Hi All, Just need to be pointed in the right direction. I've had loads of work done on my SL55. It was stood for 1 year as was not running right. All has been sorted by Andy from Eurocharged including remap, new pulleys, full service, brake discs and pads, suspension rebuild etc etc. Car...
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    CDI 270 - Sounds like a bag of bolts until warm

    I have a 2005 CDI 270. Had it 2.5 years and done 90K in it. Great car. She ran well for 20 months but since then it has been a catalogue of failures. First thing was leaking plastic fuel hoses, next item to go was water pump. The belt was damaged and several pulleys noisy - so they were...
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    Excessive R230 SL road noise from rear - what's yours like??

    Could the new rear shocks have been fitted incorrectly? ( To any who have driven, worked on or just know about r230 rear suspension partic. SL 350 ie non ABC modell) Hi to you all, Sorry about my long post. I'm generaly very pleased with the refinement of my 2003 350Sl 2003. I've only...

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