1. Fawazmavoor

    Engine oil suggestion

    Hi, I am new to this site and I’m a first time Mercedes owner. Which engine oil should I use for my "C220 SE ED 125 CDI BLUEEF-CY" 2011 model. I have only zero knowledge about the cars, especially about mercedes. But I love it. So please help me by suggesting the authorised one. Thank you all
  2. VasFlo

    CLS350 D Turbo oil feed pipe leak

    Hi guys again, today i noticed a smell of burn oil on my car, o opened the bonnet and i look carefully and i found where from is coming, is the small pipe wich i think is feed the turbo with oil, i put a photo to have an idea of what im talking
  3. JackCLK280

    CLK55 Dip stick

    Hi, recently bought a 55amg and the car has just flashed up saying 'add 1L of oil. I don't always trust the computer readings on cars - the petrol ones have caught me out before. I can't find a dip stick anywhere and online searches don't show me too much. Is there a hidden dip stick or do I...
  4. A

    Mobil 1 0W-40 Oil?

    Greetings everyone, I have a question regarding motor oil. I have a Mercedes-Benz C220 (W203) year 2001, Diesel, Automatic and it has 296,000 km (mileage) - I searched on Mobil1 official web site and used their search criteria based on my car's information and the site recommended 0W-40 Mobil 1...
  5. motocod

    W211 E270 gearbox oil change

    Hi Folks, My 2005 E270 is currently on just under 150,000 miles, and to my knowledge has never had the gearbox oil changed. My understanding is this should be done every 70k or so. I've spoken to Coverdale in Newton Abbot about getting it done. They tell me that aside from main dealers they...
  6. D

    Slight oil leak at edge of radiator

    I have a slight oil leak at the edge of the radiator on my 2005 c180 Kompressor which I only bought a couple of months ago. Didn't see the leak for the underpan till later. I have ordered a new radiator, gearbox filter and seal also new dipstick. I also have problems with the heater. I flushed...
  7. A

    Engine oil level, stop vehicle, switch engine off

    Hi, Since having my car recently serviced I have had the warning light on saying ‘Engine oil level, stop vehicle, switch engine off’. I have had the sensor changed by a local garage and oil level checked, but it still has the same fault. It does not come on immediately when starting the car but...
  8. V

    Mercedes E200 OM651.925 Coolant Leak Problem

    Hi all, I am new here and this is my first post in this forum after trying to find any info on the internet about om651 engines having a coolant leak problem but nothing matches my one. I own 62 reg prefacelift E200 CDI (om651.925 variant engine) and had to add some coolant in the past, maybe...
  9. O

    We can’t wait to take our cars out this summer 20% OFF!

    We can’t wait to get our cars out, are you ready for this summer too? That important oil change just before the blue skies and dry weekends! Now for a limited time only, Opie Oils are running 20% OFF Castrol Edge Titanium 5w-30 LL with code EDGE20. Stock up now with this amazing offer at...
  10. D

    W202 C200 oil in coolant

    Greetings, I bought used manual W202 C200 Elegance from 1995 and I am happy with the performance and comfort of the car(had E36 before).I inspected everything on the car and it is in very good shape but one thing bothers me.Upon opening the expansion tank cap,it had mayo on it,and the water was...
  11. Jonathan Schofield

    C63 - Oil usage question

    Actually I have two questions relating to oil: Is 1 litre per 4000 miles within acceptable limits? What temperature should oil be running at? Mine varies, when warmed up, between 95c and 105c in traffic whilst the coolant is fairly stable. I have noticed that after running for around 20...
  12. Sylar

    MPG, computer and oil

    Hi all, I changed the oil and filter out of my C class last week. On resetting the service indicator it asked me to advice what quality of oil i had put in, it offered 3 qualitys, "normal" (i think), 229.3 or 229.5. I selected 229.5 as that was the spec added on the change. To my suprise on...
  13. Mr Filipov

    Engine oil creeping up

    Hello all, Over the last few months of ownership of my E350 CDI (61 plate with DPF) the engine oil seems to have crept up. It now sits just above max and I'm not sure what to do now. I am refusing to drive the car atm and I' waiting for mercedes service department to ring me back, so I cna ask...
  14. T

    C class oil question

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2004 C Class 180 Kompressor. It is in great condition, low mileage and drives well. After searching for a dip stick I worked out that the car measures its own oil level. It said add 1.5 litres which I did. Dash then read correct level. A few questions...
  15. S

    Correct Engine Oil

    Hi I do feel a tad idiotic asking this question but I have spent 30 minutes looking at my Owners manual and Service book and cannot find the answer :( Just bought an 05 plate C280 avantguarde estate and want to know the correct engine oil spec to use. The service booklet talks about MB...
  16. moj91

    W204 - Check oil level when warm or cold?

    Hi, I've recently bought a W204 (S204 Estate...) C250 Cdi, and noticed that it has an old-school dipstick for checking the oil level. I have two questions - 1.) Does it need to be checked when warm, or cold, or ie. 10 minutes after stop? I can't find anywhere where and when it is...
  17. S

    Damaged engine

    Hi I purchased a 2008 cls320 back in January this year. It blew small puffs of white smoke on first start up. I was advised to renew the glow plugs which I did, this did not cure the problem. It then developed a rev related noise from the engine which steadily got worse. I was advised it...
  18. BRABUS R230

    B Class B200 CDI SE CVT 2007

    Hi all. I have just purchased a 2007 Mercedes B Class, B200 CDI SE CVT. the odometer says It has covered 86,000, it has some service history but none of them mention a transmission change, from what I have been reading the transmission oil should be changed around every 37,000 miles, I never...
  19. G

    Correct Oil specification

    Have a 2002 2.2 cdi E class Avantgarde Automatic Saloon. Done 110k miles. My regular machanic tell me to use 20-40 semi-synthetic oil , due to age/mileage. I do not have a workshop manual etc. so do not know the recommended oil for this model - but I suspect it would be fully synthetic 5-40 or...
  20. G

    correct oil for high mileage merc

    E220 cdi avantgarde - automatic diesel. Has covered 105,000 miles. One mechanic says with a higher mileage car I should use 15W40 semi-synthetic oil. It is better for a high mileage vehicle than the one specified - which could damage the engine. Another mechanic friend disagrees. He says I...

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