parking brake pedal

  1. P

    W211 Parking Brake Pedal Removal

    Anyone got any tips for this? 1. Removing the cover beneath the instrument panel. Besides removing three screws, is there anything else holding it in place? Is it just brute force needed to get it out from the heater assembly? 2. The manual says to remove heat shield and cross member under the...
  2. N

    CLC parking brake not always disengaging

    May I seek advice as to how to remedy the parking brake on a CLC where it does not readily dis-engage by pulling the the release handle. Once the parking brake is on, it can take several attempts of releasing and resetting using the foot peddle until it fully dis engages. Is this like to be...
  3. Joe0675

    Parking Brake Pedal Rubber

    I have recently bought a C-Class W203 facelift 220CD VIN WDC2030082R200xxx and the parking brake pedal is missing its rubber cover. I have been offered one with part no A1244270382. Does anyone know if it will fit please?

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