1. J

    PAS/Power Steering Fluid Leak S320 2000

    Good morning gents. Been a while since my last post, but have actually fixed a number of minor problems in the meantime on my (now rapidly ageing) S320 (130,000 miles) by trawling the forums, so many thanks for the continued contributions. Have gone through the forums concerning a leak which...
  2. Bubble

    ML270 CDi Power Steering / Gearbox noise

    I have seen a few threads about a whining noise on the ML270 CDi occurring when accelerating hard, possibly with some steering lock on at the same time. I had this issue and first thought that it was coming from the gearbox, or transfer box :shock: The noise would go away after a few...
  3. Irresistance

    w220 Power Steering Pump on its way out - Can I drive until fix?

    Hello, Simple problem. The power steering pump makes a noise when the engine is on. Started yesterday. Noise clearly comes from the front near the belt - at first (Based on my description over the phone) my mechanic thought it could be the pulley on the alternator (which also needs replacement...
  4. rolfy

    Leak on PAS

    Morning all For the last month or two I've had to top up my PAS fluid every so often (the steering gets noisy as the fluid runs low). There's a stain on the drive that roughly corresponds with the driver's side, level with and about 6 inches inboard from the front wheel. Any ideas as to...

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