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    M271 Engine will not fire - Can crank be 360 degrees out of sync with cam?

    My W203 / M271 will not fire. Engine cranks fine but the engine tries to start but will not fire (see movie file attached). It sounds to me like a spark or timing issue because once i turn the key off there is the slightest cough from one of the cylinders. I am wondering if it is possible for...
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    CL600 Service

    As ever I return here for some impartial guidance, as opposed to the confusion that reigns and the far from impartial garages who seem to want my money! My CL600 is showing "Service B" required in 500 miles. I've called Mercedes, who tell me the service will be £408, and I've also called an...
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    SLK230 Mis-fire :( Thoughts please?

    Apologies for the length of this mail! My SLK 230 1999, 46k, intermittent use but regularly serviced and always reliable UNTIL after 5 weeks non-use and flat battery, restarted by mechanics jump leads and driven back to their (non Merc) garage for a service. My opinion after 2 secs of...
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    2003 R230 SL500 H8DC0 Spark Plugs

    I spent hours last night looking for information on the right spark plugs for a 2003 R230 SL500. I know there's lots of commentary between resistor and non-resistor spark plugs and that Bosch (and even MB) will now supply plugs with resistors in them even where the original equipment didn't...

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