power steering

  1. Roman Pylyuk

    ABS and ESP Currently Inoperative. Power steering turns off

    Got a 2009 Mercedes S550 4Matic. Everything was good with it no prior shaking, damage, weird noises, then I start the car and start driving and I see the message pop up (ABS & ESP currently unavailable) also the power steering turns off and it gets hard to turn the wheel. The only thing prior to...
  2. D

    Tandem Pump

    Hi. Am currently replacing the seals & O rings on my ABC tandem pump. Have taken one of the 7 Allen bolts out that hold the spring & piston in. The bolts thread has broken in two for some reason. The other six bolts are fine. Does anyone know if the bolt cap can be purchased individually?
  3. M

    Squealing when turning

    Hi all, When I turn the steering wheel on my Mercedes C220d 2007 to full lock either left or right it makes a really loud squealing sound. Not like something rubbing on rubber or plastic but really quite a loud squeeking noise. I have had a local garage look at it and they topped up the...
  4. W

    change power steering fluid (or not)

    I own a 1996 C180 - the maintenance booklet does not mention power steering fluid. I have looked at a few you tube videos and they all suggest its necessary to change the fluid. The fluid level on mine show just on the minimum and the oil looks very dark. Is it best to have it flushed and...
  5. A

    High PS fluid Leakage

    Hi, I have w210 1997 E230, the PS rack leaks in a horrible way (i add 1 L per 5 days), someone tell me to change the rack, but when the fluid level is ok, the rack works great. my question is, i can't change the rack now, so if i change the seals, it does solve the problem periodically. in...
  6. Irresistance

    w220 Power Steering Pump on its way out - Can I drive until fix?

    Hello, Simple problem. The power steering pump makes a noise when the engine is on. Started yesterday. Noise clearly comes from the front near the belt - at first (Based on my description over the phone) my mechanic thought it could be the pulley on the alternator (which also needs replacement...
  7. A

    W211 Power Steering

    Hi All, Can I fit a Steering Rack which has a speed sensitive transducer on it to a car without that function, i.e. just leave it disconnected? Will it still work? Thanks for any replies W211 E270 CDI 2002 (52 plate)
  8. C

    W203 C220 CDI 2001 with slight squeak on steering

    Hey Guys. I have a W203 C220 CDI 2001 Auto. Over the past few weeks i have noticed a slight squeak when turning the steering wheel. I did check what i think is the power steering fluid after removing the engine cover. (See attached). Is this low? Could it be something else?
  9. A

    R129 Power Steering Pump Question

    Hello, sorry if this sounds daft, but I have a question to ask reference the differences between 500SL (R129) power steering pumps. My car is registered as a 1993 model, but it appears to be the earlier pre-1993 model: - VIN - WDB1290662F061380 Engine - 11996022033843 Non-tandem pump model...
  10. D

    W212 Power Steering Faliure

    Anybody else had problems? The power steering on my W212 200CDi failed twice in a month (at 9 months old ). The second time the pump failed without warning whilst I was on a winding road and nearly sent me straight on into a rock face..... This is my first Mercedes - I bought it because I...
  11. R

    Bizarre noise on W211 E Class - guesses?

    Folks, My local, highly trusted indy is currently looking at my beloved car to try and source the cause of a strange noise Ive noticed over the last few days. Symptoms: a noise similar to straining power steering system, particularly noticeable below 1000RPM, don't have to be moving -...
  12. S

    sprinter noisy power steering pump.

    Hi, I have had a noisy power steering pump for some time now. The noise is like a loose bearing which changes when the steering is moved or the engine is put on load. I replaced the belt and the pulleys just to make sure it was the pump, as this was a cheaper option. But the whyning was...
  13. A

    W124 intermittent power steering

    My 1996 E300 D developed a fault last night. All of the dash board indication lights lit up (kind of half illuminated) and the power steering stopped working. There is also a loud squeeling noise coming from the engine. I wonder if there is a belt that drives something to do with the power...
  14. C

    New C Class (W203) Steering Rack

    Hi everyone, about two weeks ago My car started making a whirring sound when I turn the wheel at low speeds. A quick search on forums such as this one suggested that the power steering fluid may be low and that this was a common problem for a car of my mileage (~60K). I checked the fluid and...

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