1. Sam Stoddard

    **URGENT** R230 PSE NEEDED!!!!!!!

    My PSE is broken and I’m in need of a new one ASAP! cant afford £800 so is anyone selling a second hand one at all?
  2. D

    New car. Old problems

    Hi guys. First post here. First Mercedes too... So today I bought a little R170 320 for my little weekend toy. I bought the cheapest one I could find within 100 miles of my house for the following reasons; 1. It's a second car to avoid putting shopping dents in my M2 (and to keep the mileage...
  3. G

    1997 SLK 230 PSE Query

    Hi, I've just bought a 1997 SLK 230 last weekend and I have to say I'm over the moon with it! I've had a few Mercedes in the past, 1984 500SE, 1991 300SE, 1984 230E etc but this is my first convertible and I'm genuinely really astounded by the build quality compared to my 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV...
  4. A

    PSE Vacuum Pump Half working

    Hi, i have W210 1997 E230 Avangarde, after a hard work, i succeeded to rebuilt the motor of PSE pump, and on testing, doors opened in a good way and i heard the motor working, but when click the key to close nothing happened and i can't hear anything from the motor. so from where should i start ??
  5. D

    [Spares] PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay

    PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay Here is a central locking pump, PSE, for R230 type SL From a member here an offer of £325 with your old unit in exchange will be OK...
  6. D

    [Spares] SL vacuum pump central locking R230 PSE

    Here is a PSE central locking pump for SL 350 500 55 R230 For sale to best offer
  7. D

    [Spares] SL vacuum pump central locking R230 PSE

    I have a new central locking vacuum pump (SL , R230) for auction on ebay.|Model%3ASL&hash=item460c97c206
  8. D

    [Wanted] PSE central locking R230 pump working or not

    I need a part from the central locking pump for SL350 / SL500. I would like to buy the pcb (printed circuit board) for a R230. I only need the pcb but I will happily buy a unit with a faulty or missing motor. Any condition considered.
  9. K

    2002 R230 SL55 PSE Pump

    Central locking and soft close boot working intermittently. Have tried usual removal of PSE pump, unit seems dry, checked and replaced fuses etc. If I unplug and reconnect the PSE pump I can get the system to work for a few days, and then fails again. Replacement pump time? I don't really...
  10. J

    Sl 230 pse pump

    I have been reading a few threads and realise if I had paid more attention I might be in this mess. after a winter of frost on the inside of the car and recently condensation, i concluded the last time it must be down to lennaving a wet jacket in the boot. How wrong i was> seeing a lot damp...
  11. E

    R230 Cannot get into boot

    Hi all Got a problem with my dads 2003 R230 SL55, basically we cannot get the boot open. I know the PSE pump has failed as the central locking does not work. I've tried using the key to unlock the boot - but the lock seems to dis-engage and not actually unlock the boot. I thought i...

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