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    Mercedes R-Class R320 CDI Variant Coding

    Hi I just finished the Om642 oil cooler seal change, engine seems to be working good, but I get the original shutter and sluggish shifting on my transmission during lite acceleration takeoff from stop, I went through all the transmission adaptation in DAS, but nothing seems to change when I...
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    Headlights for 2006 R320 CDI 4-matic

    Hi all, I have a 2006 R-class with quite a few miles on it - but we love it and go all over Europe in it. Unfortunately, we need to replace the headlights - and this is turning out to be a rather expensive proposition as new spareparts are ridiculously expensive. Thus, I'm hoping...
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    Merc R-Class Problem. P0016/P0017

    I bought a s/h one last year. 2006, 4x4, 6 seats, R350SE A, 60k miles, mainly to avoid taking two cars on family outings. Replacing my beautiful 2003 S-Class. It is big and wide. Very comfortable, quiet smooth ride, lots of room inside, miles just glide by on the motorway. Could have done...

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