rough running

  1. W

    270 cdi morning problem

    Hi the car starts first time every time but often sounds like a tractor. when i drive 500 yards and stop at the lights when i pull away it revs up . it only does this once a day !. if i dont stop its 80 out of 100 times its ok. the engine seems to tak a while to heat up. cabin heater isnt as hot...
  2. allybassman

    722.9 Auto Gearbox issue *Juddering*

    Hi All, Strange issue that my 2012 C Class (58k miles) has developed - Upon light load on the engine (keeping pace with traffic between 30-50 MPH I have started to feel the car judder. Accelarating is fine, the gearbox changes smoothly, doesn't hold onto gears too long and behaves normally...
  3. C

    HELP!! c180 sport auto.

    hi there, im new the forum, ive just bought a 1998 C180 sport auto. it has 125k on the clock but there is an issue with the running it doesnt rev over 4k and when you put foot down to drop the gear down it just dies no power atall just stays at 4k and then runs like a bag of sh*t misfiring...
  4. D

    C200 air flow meter problem???

    Just noticed something about my w202 c200. The wire to the air mass meter was disconnected when I reconnected it the car barely ran at all no warning lights on the dash tho disconnected it runs fine again with no warning lights but is heavy on fuel. I assume theres a problem with the meter but...

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