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    Hi All. Hope everyone is well. I have a W220 S Class (S500) facelift and require a key fob, but it is slightly longer than the usual small 3 button black fob. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Or anyone selling one? Attached an online photo of the key that I require. Many thanks...
  2. F

    Help please! Coolant leak

    Hi folks! I've had a coolant message coming up in my 06 W221 320cdi. I have topped it up hoping it just needed a top-up, after 10 miles message was back again, took the car for a quick inspection and was told "oh man if it's taking coolant you need a new engine" type thing... took it to...
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    Hi All. Hope you are well. I have a 2013 S350L SE Line. I was going to sell it but everytime I feel its too good of an example to get rid of in these difficilt times as the market is not great for sellers. I am therefore looking to upgrade the wheels. Preferablly with tyres. Open to any nice...
  4. K

    W219 facelift vs w221 facelift 5.4 V8

    Hi all , I am new to the forum. First thing is first , little background. I had CLK 270cdi , which I sold due to London ULEZ. Then bought another brand which turned to be not reliable . Now I am at a point where I am about to go back to beloved MB . Within my budget I am split between buying...
  5. A

    Harman kardon amplifier not working

    Hello I am new to this forum. Hello everyone. I have just bought a mercedes s class AMG sports 2013 and find out the Harman Kardon amplifier is not working. Can theses still be bought new ? I am told my amplifier has water damage and not repairable. Can I replace the Harman Kardon...
  6. O

    W220 Tranmission Problem and Oil In coolant

    Hi guys, I have a Mercedes W220 (2003, 3.7l, S-class, s350) On my way back from work. I noticed that when I put my car in drive there was a slight delay in a sense of the gear clicking in place to move off, I also noticed that when I try to put it in N or R also slight delays. Once I pulled...
  7. A

    Wanted for display - S class pre year 2000 for event in january

    Hello everyone, I’ve been generating interest for the benefit of a charity event I am involved with next year, so am on the fund raising quest!! Also, I work at Mercedes Benz of derby and we will be holding an event within the next couple of months. Not only is our showroom currently under...
  8. G

    W221 airconditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
  9. G

    2007 W221 S500 Tv tuner

    Hi all Just bought a 2007 S500. Have a question about the TV tuner someone might be able to answer. It turns on but its like it has no reception now it might be the case that it does not work in Ireland at all. But it is an orginal Irish car. There is a list of station but the only number...
  10. K

    New W221 Owner and Kinda New Here!

    Hi all! I've not been really active and kinda lurked about here but I've just recently become a proud owner of a W221 so will be more active now! Promise! See you all around :-)
  11. G

    2003 W220 S350

    Hi guys Hope somebody can help. My car throws up these faults under acceleration after about 4000rpm. I can reset the codes and the engine light goes out and drives fine otherwise as long as i don't go above 4000rpm. Spark plugs, coils, fuel filter, air filter are all recent. Any ideas...
  12. F

    Looking to Hire Mercedes for Feature Film

    Hi all, I am currently Art Directing a feature film being shot in London next month (November 2013), and am looking for a Mercedes for one of our characters. I am looking for: either a 2005 Mercedes Benz sClass s500 or similar or even a C-Class (circa 2005 - 2007) or similar It would...
  13. C

    S350CDi Blue Efficiency - 2010 - Car destroyed by fire due to wrong fuel

    I was the owner of a S350CDi Blue Efficiency, registered in 2010. I accidently filled the tank with petrol instead of diesel one day. Yes, I know this was a stupid thing to do but I know understand that it is quite a common occurence among motorists. I did not realise what I had done and...
  14. moj91

    W220 S-Class Wheels Question

    Hi All, I'm looking for winter wheels for our S-Class 320CDi. It is a 2005 with the standard brakes of that year. On the 'sticky' link at the top, there is a site with a list of wheels and sizes etc. Can anyone tell me if the 16 inch versions (such as is seen with the spare wheels)...
  15. R

    Costs associated with S320

    Hi all, New to the forum. I am considering buying a second hand S320 for private hire circa 2006/07, no idea regarding maintenance costs. Could somebody please advise on ie servicing, tyres, brakes, etc. Thanks in advance. Roman...
  16. N

    S320 - B Service - Mega Rip Off?

    Dear Readers My S320 (2006) is due for a B Service in 400 miles, I rang my local garage and they quoted me a whopping £936! The MB person explained it was due to the vehicle requiring a change of automatic transmission oil and filter, a replacement combifilter and air filter. When I asked...
  17. O

    S320 CDI Throttle Actuator Unit????????????

    Hi Guys, I've been having ongoing issues with my S320 CDI. It hessitatates between 1400-2000rpm and shudders a bit also. My local independant specialist diagnosed it as the EGR vavle over purging but claimed that it wasn't faulty, he said something else was causing it to open to often...
  18. H

    SeatBelt stuck - W140, 1998 S280

    Hi Guys, I test drove a really well kept 1998, s280 this morning. everything's perfect apart from the driver's seatbelt is stuck (out) and wont retract at all. Looks like a complete replacement based on some of the other threads i have seen - does anyone know how much it would be to get it...
  19. R

    Need S Class for Film Shoot Essex 21/11

    Hi Guys & Girls, I am making a short film in Essex this Weekend, and need an S Class for about an hour, ideally on Saturday, but Sunday would be no problem either. The location is Ingrave, which is close to Junctions 28 & 29 on the M25 Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Rob
  20. M

    Bubbling Grille -08 S320L

    Oh I could spit ! I have the smallest, tiniest stone chip on the grille and within 2 days the whole row has bubbled up. About 8inch in total. The grille is plastic with a chrome coating. I expected to pay to have the chip repaired but I'm shocked how quickly this bubbling has taken effect...

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