1. Janchee

    S213 E220d brake pedal vibration at idle (E class)

    Hi all, E class is in the Mercedes dealer on Wednesday after a trip to Birmingham (2 hours) for the first time in 15 months! Car was awful to drive, whole car vibrated quite harsh at 70mph +. Seems to do it at 40 mph and close to double that speed if you know what I mean. But it doesn't seem...
  2. Janchee

    S213 Alarm Siren E-class

    Car is in at Mercedes today and they've rung to say the Alarm siren has come up faulty on the system. They've also 'tested' it and it didn't sound... Quoted a crazy 383.70 to replace it. Anyone saw this part go on the model before? Also had another door LED fail. :( (6th LED to fail on the car...
  3. Janchee

    E class steering click

    Hi all, hoping you can help diagnose this car. I’ve posted about it before but not got many answers and Mercedes can’t find anything either - so any help to get it sorted will be greatly appreciated Steering wheel seems to click when turning left. I’ve also got a wheel shake at all speeds...
  4. Janchee

    S213 wheel shake

    All, I hope you can help with what might be the culprit of a very annoying problem. When I drive the E220d estate (2016 plate), I can feel a very slight steering wheel shake/vibration. I've had it in a couple of garages, and no one can seem to find the fault. They say they've tested the bushes...
  5. R

    S213 Hacked? Broken into Or faulty?

    I always switch my key off after I come back home every evening. Today morning I get out of the house pull the door handle and get in the car and moments later I realise i haven't unlocked it (It is not uncommon for me to forget that my key is off in the morning and pull the door). Mirrors are...
  6. P

    E-Class - Last Factory orders? End May 2015?

    Hi All, I have had my eye on an E class ever since they put the same driver assistance pack as the S Class with the steer assist in 2013. So in early June 2015 I finally put an order in for one. E220 BlueTEC SE - Estate aka S212 360° camera - P44 Multi-contour seat for driver - 405...

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