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    Brake pads for S600?

    Hi all Am searching for brakes for my S600 bi turbo W220. When looking at my pads there is an indent on bottom middle of the pad and looks like it has 4 brake pads each side (on the front). I couldn't find the correct pads with my reg or model but when I search S63, I found the pads straight...
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    HELP W221 S600 Aux Battery Malfunction re-occurring

    Hi, The Aux Battery has been replaced twice and within a couple of months on each occasion I get the Aux Battery Malfunction message. Any ideas on what could be causing this. All kinds of tests have been done by the dealer and nothing found ? Thanks in advance Rana
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    S600 Gearbox is lunched

    Hi all, Replacement for the above (1996 5-speed) seems to be £2500 from a gearbox specialist in Bristol. Killer money, though I'm sure fine value ;) Looking for a specialist for a second hand unit or a specialist breaker in the South West I guess. Any ideas welcome. Rgds and thanks Nick
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    s600 gearbox issues

    Good afternoon all, I have an issue with the V12. It started with a reluctance to select reverse, but quickly moved to no selection of gears at all, and now will intermittently select 1st only. Kick-down doesn't work, nor manual gear selection. Help and expertise greatly appreciated, Nick
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    New S600 coupe owner faces some glitches!

    Enjoying the welcome so far but facing a few fault codes which I would be grateful for help with! The first and most important relating to the Traction/ABS switching itself off at random, more frequently in the rain than otherwise. Codes are C1140 Steering Angle Stored sensor N49 and...

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