1. PaulG

    SBC Hold

    Since buying my W211 I have found SBC Hold useful. I was wondering if any knows if SBC Hold just applies the brakes against the force of the engine or does it have some method to reliving the strain of the engine and brakes fighting against each other?
  2. S

    W211 2006 e320 resetting brakes - no gap between front pads and discs

    Hi, I have recently replaced all the brakes disc and pads and front wheel bearings, but after reactivating the SBC (used iCarSoft - confirmed all pressure sensors were reading around 70bar), I found that on driving the car a few meters it became obvious that the front pads were stuck on the...
  3. K


    anyone know where you can purchase the carbon brushes that can be used to repair sbc pump
  4. B

    SBC Brake Failure

    SBC brake failure Can everyone who has had brake failure/accidents/near miss as I have due to the SBC fault please send an account of your experience to. (this is the body that decides when a vehicle must be recalled) asking them to please instruct Mercedes to recall these...
  5. T

    SBC Failure???

    Been doing a bit of digging on this one. My W211 52 plate E270 CDI (68K miles) today suddenly started showing "ESP Failure", "ABS Failure", "Service Brake" and "Cruise Control" failures - all saying "drive to workshop". This sounds horribly like a failed SBC unit. I see that MB did a recall...
  6. B

    SBC PUMP FAILURE - VOSA Update (Please read)

    Hi all, Some of you may recall that I had a 2nd SBC pump failure last year (having had the original pump changed FoC by MB West London only 6 months earlier) - for those of you who haven't read the thread, please click on the following link...
  7. L


    I took my car to the stealer after getting the "service brake...visit workshop" fault. I thought it might be the SBC since the car is almost 10 years old and I was hoping, if it is a pump fault, to get replaced for free since the car is still within the ten year warranty period. well........I...
  8. T

    Service Brake - Visit Workshop

    hi all, I have the dreaded message! I have had the front discs and pads done ( needed changing anyway) rears are fine, fluid also fine. Think it might be the SBC unit as it no longer primes when I open the door only when I touch the brake pedal. Read some threads on brake switch behind...

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