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    W211 2006 e320 resetting brakes - no gap between front pads and discs

    Hi, I have recently replaced all the brakes disc and pads and front wheel bearings, but after reactivating the SBC (used iCarSoft - confirmed all pressure sensors were reading around 70bar), I found that on driving the car a few meters it became obvious that the front pads were stuck on the...
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    [Wanted] SBC/ABS Pump required for W211 Mercedes E Class

    I require a sbc/abs pump for W211 Mercedes E Class my part number is SBC A 004 431 42 12 Q6
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    anyone know where you can purchase the carbon brushes that can be used to repair sbc pump
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    SBC Brake Failure

    SBC brake failure Can everyone who has had brake failure/accidents/near miss as I have due to the SBC fault please send an account of your experience to. (this is the body that decides when a vehicle must be recalled) asking them to please instruct Mercedes to recall these...
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    SBC Failure???

    Been doing a bit of digging on this one. My W211 52 plate E270 CDI (68K miles) today suddenly started showing "ESP Failure", "ABS Failure", "Service Brake" and "Cruise Control" failures - all saying "drive to workshop". This sounds horribly like a failed SBC unit. I see that MB did a recall...
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    SBC PUMP FAILURE - VOSA Update (Please read)

    Hi all, Some of you may recall that I had a 2nd SBC pump failure last year (having had the original pump changed FoC by MB West London only 6 months earlier) - for those of you who haven't read the thread, please click on the following link...
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    I took my car to the stealer after getting the "service brake...visit workshop" fault. I thought it might be the SBC since the car is almost 10 years old and I was hoping, if it is a pump fault, to get replaced for free since the car is still within the ten year warranty period. well........I...
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    Service Brake - Visit Workshop

    hi all, I have the dreaded message! I have had the front discs and pads done ( needed changing anyway) rears are fine, fluid also fine. Think it might be the SBC unit as it no longer primes when I open the door only when I touch the brake pedal. Read some threads on brake switch behind...

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