1. P

    NOX sensor - clean but EML still shows

    Hey guys, I bought a 14 C Class last July from a local dealer (not MB) and the EML showed up not long ago. I went to an independent electrical garage and their tablet said it looked to be an issue with the NOX sensor. I’ve read the experiences of others here, but feel my situation is a bit...
  2. M

    Need help with problems with W204

    Hi, Hopefully, someone on here can help me. I have a W204 and a few days ago I ran an OBD on it and it showed that I have some problems with the car. I want to know which ones I can dismiss, and for the ones that are important - how do you solve them? I want to know so that when I go to a...
  3. Janchee

    S213 / W213 Parking Beeps?

    Hi all, I don’t know if this is normal, when I reverse out of a parking space, the front of my car could be very close to the car next to it … with no beeps. I can see on the 360 cam that it’s flashing red, but no beeps. However when I put it in drive, the front sensors start beeping again...
  4. A

    Recommend garage or boost suggestion

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good garage near Edinburgh, specifically East Lothian? I had my car in a garage for a while who were looking into a problem when the car went into limp mode. They were really good and didn't rip me off, they got it driving again but...
  5. M

    Terrible intermittent Engine Vibration

    OK. Firstly I apologise for the long winded nature of my post. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition with 108k miles on it. A few weeks back I was driving normally at around 30mph. I stopped at a junction. Accelerated quite quickly into the road and I felt a strange vibration in the throttle pedal...
  6. P

    our undriveable van.

    hello people, pete here, we have a problem that even a genuine dealership seems unable to solve, First of all, thanks to anyone that has any suggestions or info, second a brief history of the van, a 2001 amb turbo diesel. it was a patient transfer vehicle,with an complete service history, and...
  7. A

    Help - M271 Engine Rough Idle, Misfire Codes P0301-303, P0325 Knock Sensor, P0341 Cam Pos Sensor

    Mercedes C180K - 2006 (W203) Engine M271 100,000 miles My C180K will not start and if it does it sounds like a diesel tractor and runs rough. Can anyone help me detect the reason because due to Covid 19 i can't take it to a garage and i need the car to use to shop etc. It all started the one...
  8. C

    Check engine light with p2463: soot content to high but actually its low.

    I bought an expensive obd2 reader online and it did say soot content of dpf to high and when I checked it with the obd2 reader it was only 21.4g. Also some sensors were doing weird. NOx sensor 1 = 65535ppm NOx sensor 2 =65535ppm (they are both freezed this number) Dpf inlet pressure = 0 Dpf...
  9. P

    Ad Blue Sensor

    Hi All Just got my E220 2015 Mercedes serviced and now the ad blue sensors seem to have gone. I am getting a warning message that the engine won't start in 700KM - has anyone had any experience of this in a 2015 as to replace the sensors are extremely expensive!!!!
  10. Y

    Vito 2009 Yaw rate sensor location

    I have mulitiple error codes and warning lights and yesterday the speedo started cutting out intermittently and going to 0mph. Mechanic has checked all wiring and found no faults. On suggestion I had was a faulty yaw rate sensor. As these are inexpensive I thought it would be worth having a go...
  11. Lukeya9

    Nox sensor recall

    Hi newbie here, Not sure if I’m posting this in the correct place but I’ve got an issue with my nox sensor and after speaking with a local Mercedes specialist today. He told me he’d been in contact with Mercedes and they will be recalling all vehicles fitted with nox sensors. I find this hard...
  12. S

    OM651 MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

    I spent ages searching on line for the location of this sensor and also got some unhelpful advice from an independent I did not know about my error code (P0109 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Intermittent) not making sense. There is a YouTube video of someone changing...
  13. A

    Engine oil level, stop vehicle, switch engine off

    Hi, Since having my car recently serviced I have had the warning light on saying ‘Engine oil level, stop vehicle, switch engine off’. I have had the sensor changed by a local garage and oil level checked, but it still has the same fault. It does not come on immediately when starting the car but...
  14. Dean Fletcher

    P0426 & P2453 help!!!!!!!!

    Hi Guy, i had my DPF pressure sensor replaced about 3 weeks ago all was fine now this..... P0426 & P2453. catalyst temp circuit range and pressure sensor range, Can you tell me what the link is between these two codes? im going to be calling the garage up and what to have my facts before i...
  15. moj91

    W211 SRS question

    We have a W211 E220 CDi estate with the dreaded SRS light on atm. Icarsoft points to the NS sensor on the front bumper impact bar (i know, a proper STAR read is needed :P ) As its the pita one to get to of the two we cant check the cable continuity/clean the contacts to see if that rectifies...
  16. J

    Handbrake issue please help

    Hi, i have a clk 2001 230 komressor, auto. I had a flat tyre, changed with the spare, the car now does not move and the handbrake light keeps coming on (It was moving fine with the flat tyre). I then changed it back to the flat tyre but it still does not move / handbrake light is on. I assume a...
  17. J

    Help on error code P01006 - Sensor 1 Has A Malfunction Algorithm Fault

    Hi, hope I'm posting in the right place, first time, so Hi:) Can anyone help me diagnose an issue I'm having with my 2013 C220 > :) Driving home I noticed my car had no power beyond the 3000rpm range. The engine light was also on. I noticed that the intake intercooler pipe was split (driver...
  18. Q

    Cooling fan issue

    Hi, This is my first post so not happy it has to be a problem. I have a CLK 280 soft top and love it but yesterday the front cooling fan continued working for about 15/20 seconds after I turned off the engine and took the key out. The engine temp was normal and did not fluctuate but the...
  19. C

    TPMS fault

    So ladies and gents, at 8090 miles I have a TPMS fault. My trusty i980 tells me "faulty connection to sensor #3". Question, is this an expensive fix, and is it covered under warranty? Car was delivered in late February.
  20. T

    Engine Temperature reading going up and down

    Hi, I have a CLK(C209)-2006 with 200 Krompressor engine(M271). I've noticed that the engine temperature display in the console can vary from around 45C to 85C within a couple of minutes when driving. This is when I've been driving for quite a bit, so temp should be static at 85C. Can't...

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