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    Video showing ATE Brake booster seal replacement inside the car

    Hello everyone, wanted to show this video where I replace the leaking plunger seal at the Brake booster without removing the booster from the car. This was done on a Volvo car which uses the same ATE Booster as Mercedes models from around 2000-2012. It can be done with the seal from URO (see...
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    Brake Servo

    Hi there, I've been looking for a servo for my t1 mercedes 210 and i've not had any luck. Does anyone know the best place to find one, or any hints to where i should be looking. I was wondering if the same servo is used in a more common van or if a different servo would work in the van. Sorry...
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    Mercedes ML270 - Brake problem

    I have a Mercedes ML270 2002. I have just had new pads fitted all round and new brake discs on the front by the local garage. For some reason, since they have been changed, the front brakes only are sticking on. The garage itself says they are not sure what it could be but they assure me that...
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