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    SLK 230 R170 jumpy sluggish

    Hi All, SLK 230 Kompressor Auto, R170, 1999 (V), 97k. I've had the K40 relay soldered every single solder, cleaned the MAF (it was oily), cleaned the crank sensor, cleaned air flap sensor. Car had just been serviced new air filter, plugs, oil & coolant. The problem I have is once...
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    My central locking isnt working at all, and i cant lock my boot,. would rather avoid having to buy a new vacuum unit as they're too expensive, could there be another way, or a way to repair mine if its broken?
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    Dropping in to say hello

    Have been looking around the forum for a couple of weeks now on and off. Thought I'd better get my coat off and say hello! All the advice is great. I can see being an old SLK owner is a labour of love. First problem solved was intermittent ESP/ BAS light. Turned out to be dying pre CAT. O2...
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    Loss of power & acceleration on slk r170

    Please, if anyone can help, you may save my day/week/year! About a month ago, my Mercedes ( slk r170 230 kompressor automatic) started playing up. As I pulled into town it cut out, completely, (no engine or power but dash lights stayed on) I waited 5 mins then car started fine. Got it on...

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