spark plugs

  1. D

    Please provide your help White Smoke from the exhaust W203 - no head gasket issue

    Hello dear members. I am extremely worried for the following issue. Light white smoke is coming out of my exhaust. I noticed it a couple of days ago. I have also checked cooling fluid, oil filler cap and spark plugs for signs of head gasket failure but seems NOT to be a head gasket (as can be...
  2. M

    W124 spark plugs gap

    W124, 3L, 1991, automatic The repair manual gives the size of gap for Champion spark plugs. I looked on the internet, it doesn't give the gap for Bosch spark plugs, but says they come with the gap already set. It seems strange to me to buy and use spark plugs without knowing and confirming the...
  3. AnthonyUK

    M112 2.6l Sparks plugs

    Hi all. Quick question regarding spark plugs for the M112 V6 engine (I think also M113 are the same). Mine is currently on 88000 miles and I don't think they have ever been changed so is something that is currently at the top of my todo list. What are the recommended plugs? I've researched a...
  4. JamesW204

    If it ain't broke... M272 Misfire after changing spark plugs

    Hi there Any advice appreciated! So this afternoon, I changed all 6 spark plugs on my C350. It's on 88000 miles and as I had no evidence to suggest they have ever been changed I decided to do them. I changed all the plugs for some new NGK PLKR7A, which are listed as OE equivalent design on...
  5. K

    Spark Plugs (Hot or Cold) W221-S500-2006 UK Spec

    Once again, I have gone back to the books to revive my memory about spark plugs. As I understand, Hot Plugs ie ones with numbers 7 onwards or so run hotter, thus better suited for regions where climate is cold year round e.g. northern Europe, Moscow, Siberia, Canada etc, so that the Combustion...
  6. Peter Broomfield

    W203 C320 M112 Spark Plug Suguestions

    Hi all, New to site, Mercedes ownership and looking for advice. What would you all sugguest for spark plugs??? Thanks in advance, Peter
  7. Peter Broomfield

    M112 Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hi everyone! New to the site and Mercedes ownership (I've seen the light and come from the BMW darkside!!) Can anyone tell me where on earth i can buy the spark plug removal tool in this country?? All the places ive found are in the US and want more than the tool is worth in postage!!! Many...
  8. SandyDD

    Sluggish automatic response...

    I have very recently purchased a A160 automatic (58) and have been told by a mechanic that there is a problem with the gearbox. I took it back to the garage under the 1 month warranty but they say they can't find anything wrong?! I am used to driving a bigger (V6 3.7L) automatic, so expected...
  9. B

    2002 SL500 Delayed!!

    I have a 2002 model SL 500 with 70k miles on it. I have changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, have serviced recently and still when i start the car at times it is jerky and takes a little while to get going. And at other times it starts first go. Suggesstions?
  10. J

    c230k missfire on #3 then nothing firing

    Hello all, My 1999 W202 C230K developed a missfire last week, I had to use it for a few days to get to work. At the weekend I removed the spark plugs and found number three cylinder plug fouled. (I didn’t on this occasion remove the battery earth lead :Oops:) after reconnecting everything I...
  11. N

    Further 190E 2.5 Starting Problems

    Hi all, during the winter I had some starting problems with my 190E 2.5-16V, and now the weather is marginally better I've started having a proper look at it. I've changed the spark plugs today and these were particularly black, with the threads indicating that the engine could be flooded...

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