1. S

    2007 213 Sprinter limp mode

    Hi, my sprinter went into limp mode in May, took it to the garage and they replaced some injectors, ran for about a week, limp mode again. They replaced the turbo, gave it back, limp mode again so they replaced a filter, no good so they had the computer reset which hasn't fixed it either and now...
  2. Staunch


    Hi Everyone I could do with a pointer on a MB SPRINTER LWB 2013 with no ABS or ESP telltale lamps working on the dash at all. Ignition on both not working. a quick scan with a verus edge scanner said front Nearside wheel speed sensor faulty and data backed this up as it was saying over 500 mph...
  3. C

    Sprinter limp mode

    Hello, i have limp mode on a sprinter, there's faults P24C600, P237600(boost pressure sensor Low-pressure turbocharger has a short circuit to ground.), P237528 (boost pressure sensor Low-pressure turbocharger malfunction. The signal offset is outside the permissible range), P226100 (wastegate...
  4. M

    Mod to Air Intake

    2015 Mercedes Sprinter 3500. I have had the original oil filter housing removed and had a PKT Billet Adapter installed so that I can use a high efficiency Donaldson Oil Filter. The new filter has an outside diameter of 93 mm and a length of 174 mm. To install this new Donaldson oil filter, the...
  5. K

    Sprinter Down Under

    Hi, I'm in Auckland, New Zealand and the owner of a 2003 med wheelbase high roof Sprinter 208 CDI KA 3550. I've resurrected it from a nose to tail accident where the previous owner made some very dodgy and strange repairs. I have an issue that has me stumped and Im hoping someone may have had...
  6. Y

    Stiff gears reverse through to 6th . No clunking or noises 2014 sprinter 2.1 313

    Hi guys First Post Just bought a sprinter 2014 LWB 2.1 Highish miles 174,000 Full service history ex lease . Clutch is smooth and all gears locate , but very stiff , all equally stiff , non different than the other , just needs a heavy push to do the gear changes. No clunking or noise and...
  7. J

    Sprinter leaking large amounts of coolant (?)

    Appreciate any advice or help with this! Mercedes Sprinter campervan 311 CDI 2151 CC 2004 The last service was September 2018 with the following notes: "bottom coolant pipe rusty" "VHC coolant - anti-freeze weak and low level" "replaced coolant hose for engine" "replaced anti-freeze and...
  8. M

    Alarm sound on turning

    Not sure if this is the right subsection but it happened whilst I was turning so I went for suspension! So driving back from a job on the motorway and near the end of the journey I started getting an alarm (constant high beep) when turning the vehicle to the left. Noticed as we left the...
  9. K

    Sprinter lacking power

    Hi all. New to the group. I have just bought a sprinter 311cdi van 2005 106k miles. It is lacking in power over 3000revs when pulling away the power will markedly retard as I hit that rev. Going up hills at 60mph will slow down to 50 and be unable to increase speed even when dropping a gear...
  10. P


    Hi everyone. I've just bought my 1st mercedes sprinter. It's an old 2004 313 mwb cdi...with the 82bhp engine. Spotless and I love it. I've just started up a small business and needed a work horse. she's had a new engine, turbo, clutch and flywheel. I got it for £1600. So my 1st question is. Can...
  11. C

    2009 Sprinter smoke and fuel in oil

    Hi. I have a 2009 sprinter 515 that occasionally smokes (white smoke) it also sufferers from increasing oil levels (it maybe diesel in the oil). I have had the vehicle on the star computer and no faults registered. MB technician has also looked at it and can't find the fault. Any suggestions...
  12. A

    Hollow whine at 45mph

    Hi guys. This one is really bugging me. Got a 2006 56 plate 315cdi Sprinter. 240000 Miles Parts replaced on this car, well it's basically a new van if i am honest!! It's had:- 2 NEW, not second hand, not refurbs, NEW engines, both from the main dealer New gearbox (Main dealer)...
  13. T

    2012 Sprinter transmission failed at 36,256 miles

    Out of warranty and was offered $1000 discount on $6500 replacement from MB dealership. I would guess to be about 10% of what may be expected from the life of this transmission. I am really disappointed and wanted to know if this is all to be expected from MB. Thanks!
  14. J

    2001 Sprinter 313 cdi. Limp mode? No ecu light. Turbo?

    Recently bought a 2001 sprinter 313cdi on 120k and been having a few problems, some of which I have allready resolved with help from this forum. It had only done about 1000 miles in the last year and was overcooling and lacking a bit of power when I got it so checked it over and found a couple...
  15. J

    2001 sprinter 313 egr and cat?

    just bought a 2001 sprinter luton 313 cdi on 120k. not owned a sprinter before and dont know these engines. noticed it was probly a bit slower than it should be (though still much faster than my transit) so started investigating. thought this may be egr valve related but there doesnt seem to...
  16. P

    Edc fault on Sprinter 311 cdi 2002

    Hi My sprinter has been difficult to start for quite a few months, especially when hot but I rarely use the van so when I do have the issue I use easy start It's a 2002 but only done 55 k miles ( genuine ) I purchased a replacement crankshaft sensor and cam shaft sensor, but when I was...
  17. A

    Sprinter CDI 316 March 2015 (MY2013) Reversing Camera

    I've purchased a reversing camera from a German Ebayer (claimed OEM). It comes with German only instructions hence my questions on here. The Radio (Command Module) is an Alpine RY2350 with the video input on a turquoise connector (the only one not used). I've connected switched 12V power via...
  18. B

    2003 Sprinter 311 cdi - engine cuts out whilst driving and some problems starting

    Hi all, I having a problem with my 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi that seems to crop up on this forum and others. The main issue is that the engine will cut out whilst driving - usually after having driven the van for while that day (i.e. the engine is warm). When the problem occurs i have to pull...
  19. B

    Sprinter 2003 cuts out whilst driving and has some problems starting

    Hi all, I having a problem with my 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi that seems to crop up on this forum and others. The main issue is that the engine will cut out whilst driving - usually after having driven the van for while that day (i.e. the engine is warm). When the problem occurs i have to pull...
  20. F

    Auto Stuck In '2nd' Gear

    Sprinter 318 Auto 2007.Van starts as normal,put it into D and van moves but won't get above '2nd' gear.It just makes the revs get extremely high.Any help would be appreciated.The battery did go dead before this happened,would this cause anything? Thanks :confused:

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