1. J

    Help!! Non start

    Hi there iv had the runflat indicator light (esp) turn the key and nothing wont start crank turn off on will start everything works curise control ect all tyres are find no puncture and pressures are find i have read the fault code using the icarsoft mercedes reader and snapon also autologic...
  2. Nikki slade

    Cant turn key because infrared on key snapped off

    Hi everyone I dropped my key and it broke apart and snapped the infrared sender off the front of the pcb :-( tried soldering it on and it was barely usable to put back on as the pins were gone, anyway i purchased some spare keys to swap the ir over from one of them and it still wont send a...
  3. G

    W213 Coupe Rear Emblem Removal

    Hi guys, I'm going to be collecting my W213 E coupe soon, very excited!!! I'm looking at purchasing a black rear mercedes emblem to install on the back of the car. However, I cant find anywhere (videos or other threads) that shows how to remove just the star off the rear camera cover unit...
  4. N

    S211 Odometer after cluster change

    Hi All, I have a 2005 E320CDi which needed a new instrument cluster a while ago. I fitted a second hand part (exact matching part number) and everything is perfect, except the odometer just shows dashes. Can this be programmed on Star to show the correct mileage? If so, is there a Star-equipped...
  5. Benny Dub

    W203 SRS Warning Light - Loose Connectors Under Seat?

    Afternoon All, The SRS light has been on in my S203 C270 since we bought it about 6 months ago. Well MOT time is here so I should probably have a look. My fiance's MG ZR has almost continuous SRS issues due to the crappy connectors under the seats coming loose - give them a wiggle, or tape...
  6. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes Sl280 R129 Roof Switch and Roll Bar Illuminated

    Hi, I stupidly let the battery drop down low, I started her with a battery pack but now the Roof Light is permanently on as is the roll bar light. Im praying no permeant damage by using the battery pack, everything else is fine, is it a trip to MB for a STAR plugin and fault clear of is there a...
  7. M


    Hi Everyone Please can you help? I am being asked to do a diagnostics that will cost £120 for just a washer not working by Mercedes. I've read on here that it might be something called STAR? Is it? Is this the same diagnostics that Mercedes are going to carry out? Is there another place that...
  8. C

    Mobile STAR

    Hi guys, some time ago one of the forum members was helpful enough to post the name of a mobile STAR MB fitter who would do driveway work in and around the Midlands area. Can someone please point the way to his name & contact details for me, please?
  9. L

    SL500 Suspension Setup - Romess

    Hi guys. I have now finished (and sold!) the SL55 - loved every minute working on and learning about all of it's problem areas and the associated fixes, including the massive wealth of info and help on here. So much so that I have bought another 'problem' car, as I miss not having a shiny, 2...

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