1. SmoothBall

    Between Front Seats Storage Bin Handles

    Hi, In a 2003 W211, the storage bin between the two front seats has two trim-coloured 'handles', one that open the upper storage bin and one that opens lower. Mine have broken—the little plastic tabs underneath that holds them onto the lock mechanism have broken off. Exterior colour: 693...
  2. D

    Few issues with car body work

    Hi all, If anyone can help me out i know you guys will be able to. Got a few issues with some bits on my car. 1. Went to replace front number plate and the holder is held by 4 screws 2 of with are counter sunk (great) 2 of which are not and have to go though number plate to actually hold...
  3. J

    1991 winter storage of my 500SL.

    I am a new and proud owner of my MB 500 SL. Does anyone know if the fuel requires an additive prior to winter storage? I was trying to find ethanol-free gas but there is none to be had within 200 miles of where I live. Thanks!
  4. N

    Mystery hides hole in my W163 ML

    Hi guys, I have an 02 ML, Facelift model. I have found a strange little hides hole between the interior light, as per the photo. Looks like your supposed to put something in it, any thoughts what it's actually meant for please? Thanks. Only had the car 8 months LOL.
  5. Y

    Starting up an E250CDI after long absence

    We spend part of our lives outside the UK and during that period, obviously my car is not used. It's a 2012 E250CDI, with only 4,000 miles on it, and it's been in an unheated but dry garage, since mid-December. We'll be back next week. What precautions should I take in terms of getting the...
  6. M

    SL hard top storage

    It's time to drop the hood but I have no space in the garage to store my panoramic hard top and the local MB dealer in Eastbourne stopped storing them a few years back. Anyone have any solutions or know of someone in Sussex or Kent who may have suitable storage units. I have a roof stand...

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