tensioner pulley

  1. Any_Name_You_Wish

    220 CDI - Auxilary belt tensioner pulley

    Hiya everyone, I've got a wobble (!) on my tensioner. It's a bit squeaky too. I have 2 questions 1) Genuine or Euro Car Parts (I tend to err towards genuine but not many MB places are open) 2) Is it any more complicated than the two bolts that hold it in to the block (and obviously the belt...
  2. T

    C180 V Belt Tensioner pulley chirping noise

    Hi all I have occasional loud chirping coming from one of the pulleys on a 10 year old C180 (as far as I can tell that's where the noise is coming from). To fix it I am going to change the V belt, Idler pulley and the pulley on the V belt tensioner. I do not want to change the entire...
  3. S

    E200 w124 tensioner pulley wobbling

    Hi, I have a e200 where the tensioner pulley sheared off. I replaced the pulley and tensioner arm and drivebelt all with genuine Mercedes parts. It has been fine for about a month but has now started to wobble. Have I not tightened the nut up to the correct torque or something? I asked Mercedes...

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