1. Fiona/Trevor

    Towing a caravan with an E320 CDi auto saloon- anyone done it?

    Hi folks We have the 2005 E320 CDi Avantgarde saloon, yes it's very powerful but not apparently heavy enough to tow the caravan we want, so we are looking at getting a smaller 'van.... I wonder how many people on here tow a caravan with this car, and how it manages, and if you've needed to fit...
  2. K

    No towing with a 2016 E220 AMG Estate?

    Hi, Newbie here.. I took possession of a 2016 E220 AMG Night (last in the model line) last month under a business lease. Had a retro-fitted tow bar on our 2013 220 (with permission) and mentioned to the salesman we were going to put it on the new vehicle, no problem he said. All fine...
  3. S

    Towbar for '03 C220 CDI Coupe?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get a TowBar for a C220 CDI coupe as I can't seem to find one anywhere. A few "enter your license plate here to find your towbar" places have come back to say 'Sorry there is no towbar option for your car". Yet looking on Autotrader and a few...
  4. C

    Towing - Cooling confusion!

    Hi I've a W212 2012 E220CDI Automatic Estate , and we're looking to tow a caravan max laden weight of 1500kg (just under the 85% kerbweight). Max towing limit for this car is 2100kg according to the manual. I'm getting an aftermarket towbar, but asked Merc if any additional cooling was...
  5. Cobra44

    Towing eye for W211

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the towing eye for a 2013 E Class W211 will be the same as a W212? Mine's missing and I'm about to buy one on eBay. Thanks :)
  6. R


    i have towed a caravan with my e class 270 cdi 2 years ago after 200 miles the engine management light came on and put me into limp mode a fitter came out and said there was no fault showing i carried on my journey to france and it happened three times again iwent to mercedes in france and they...
  7. H

    Towing with an auto

    I currently tow with a V70 manual and wish to change to an auto but I read on Volvo's Forum that when hold is engaged on descents on their Geartronic box there are experiences where the box can default to neutral and leave you free-wheeling to the bottom! Not a happy thought for someone who...
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