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    OM651 - TurboCharger Oil Leak (EClass 2010)

    Hi Everyone I am after some guidance please. I was having DPF issues and recently got the pressure sensor replaced. DPF cleaned with some sonic bla bla which costs me a lot of monies. Now I have been told because of the clogged DPF the turbo charger is leaking in my car. I can’t afford a new...
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    W212 - EClass 2010

    Hi, Just a normal person trying to live a normal life. Always finding ways to save a little money and learn how to spend smartly. I have joined this forum because of issues with my car. It is very very difficult to find an honest independent mechanic and main dealers are way too expensive...
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    E320 3.0 cdi two new turbos in two weeks

    Hi hoping someone could shed some light here I have a 2007 Mercedes e320 when I purchased it it needed a turbo ( even though it looked fairly new) the wastegate had seized on it. I replaced it with a brand new turbo a week later it had done the same again the Wastegate was seized. I took the...
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    E-Class 2007 - W211 v6 OM 642 - errors P0244 & P2015

    I have a Merc E-Class 2007 W211 v6 OM 642 giving error codes P0244 & P2015 on a cheap bluetooth ELM327 to my iPad. P0244 – Turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve A range/performance problem P2015 – Intake manifold air control actuator position sensor/switch, bank 1 – range/performance...
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    W212 e 220 cdi 2011 turbocharger removing

    Hi any advice how to remove turbocharger or does anyone has pictures where bolts are? I have removed 3 top bolts, disconnected all pipes and cables but i think there is couple more bolts possible under turbo where 2 metal pipes going out but i cant see where are they or there is no access... My...

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