1. Y

    USB ports - only one working

    There are two usb Ports in the central console. One just charges only and the other charged and linked my phone to the display So I could used the apps through it. Unfortunately I think hand gel leaked into the one that links to the display and it not longer works. The stand alone one that...
  2. M

    1st time Mercedes owner (+ USB question)

    Hi, I am new to this site and I’m a first time Mercedes owner. Yesterday I was bequeathed a 2007 C220 CDI De Elegance Estate. Low mileage and immaculate. After just one day I love how comfortable and cruisey it is. I can only imagine how nice the newer models are. I have put my dash cam in...
  3. P

    Viseeo MB4

    Hello, The MB4 unit under the arm rest is defective, I wanted to use the power out (mini OTG cable from MB4) to charge a phone, rather than having the cigarette lighter open with a USB adaptor. However, the connection has failed and is unrepairable. My question is - is there a UHI to USB...
  4. C

    Media on USB - C class.

    I used to have separate USB sticks for different sets of music and it always worked perfectly in my C200. Always picked up from where it left off. I've now put everything on one 128Gb stick and set up playlists but it doesn't work consistently. Often when I return to the car it says 'no device...
  5. belongabob

    Audio 20 and USB media

    Been having a strange issue when trying to play songs from a USB stick in my C200 Sport. All songs are MP3 encoded and will play, the issue is trying to sort through the lists either by Album, Folder or Artist, etc. The system just loops reading the track titles - continuously. I’ve done a...
  6. A

    USB for my Vito Cab?

    Hi all, Just purchased a 2013 Vito taxi with a standard Audio 20 with Aux in glovebox (no media interface plug). I would like to add a USB option to this. The aux is active as I'm able to see this when I press the CD button, however the cheap aux>>USB adapter I bought doesn't seem to work...
  7. M

    USB device unreadable?

    Hi all, this is my first post. I’ve recently purchased a 2013 C200 AMG, I’m absolutely in love with it but when I attempt to connect my iPhone SE via USB cable it reads ‘usb device is unreadble’ On the screen. Is there something I’m doing incorrectly? Are there multiple usb connection points...
  8. R

    USB music interface usually starts from first track when A200d is started

    I am a first time Mercedes owner, having bought a March 2018 A200d last month. Initial teething problems have in general been resolved by Mercedes, particularly the non-working start/stop system, but I am left with one major frustration when playing music from the USB interface. On most...
  9. azimabdul1983

    E200 CDi (W212) - Audio Help

    I bought a 2010 E200 CDi Sport (W212) which comes with built in sat nav, single CD player sound system. In the glove box there is a socket and I have 4 cables that can connect to that socket. One cable is for the old style Apple connector, I can connect this to my old iPhone 4 which I use as an...
  10. R

    How do I play music from my phone

    Hi there. My 2011 e220 doesn’t have the ability to play music via Bluetooth. I’ve seen a lot of posts saying there is an aux cord located either in the glove box or centre tray, however in my car there is not an aux I put in either places. There is only a Mercedes media plug located in the...
  11. A

    command - which one have i got and USB music format

    Hi all. Thanks in advance Ive got a 2012 e class coupe. My command system has USB but no SD slot. I will need a separate navigation module to install in the glove compartment to enable navigation. Which command system is that? command online??? second question some music from USB device don't...
  12. W

    C Class (W205) - iPhone vs. USB - best audio quality

    Just took delivery of a C220d estate with the Burmester system. My iPhone 6 is loaded with Apple Lossless (ALAC) music, which plays fine when I hook up the iPhone via the USB port. The "problem" is that I do a lot of short drives every day and that I thus need to connect and disconnect the...
  13. S

    iPod/USB audio has stopped working from UMI

    I have a 2007 C200K Estate with the Universal Media Interface fitted. This has been working fine until yesterday, when the audio stopped working from iPod and USB sources. The audio from the navigation function is still working as is the audio from the Audio 20's CD changer and radio...
  14. bertg

    USB Charger

    I have a W246 2013 B class, can someone recommend a usb charger that will work for apple devices that i can plug into the 12V socket i have in the back. Cheers
  15. A

    USB/Aux/Ipod no audio

    Hi, I have a 2011 C180 with a USB/Aux/Ipod 4th input in the top right hand side of the glove compartment. When I first bought the car, the audio was a little hit and miss, it would only play out on one side etc. Eventually this deteriorated and now no audio comes out whatsoever. My USB...
  16. 6

    Max USB Memory size ? / IPOD no go - Fun with COMAND (NTG 4.0) on a W204

    Hi, I've had my C350CDI for a couple of weeks now. Lovely car, enjoy driving it immensely. I have the COMAND unit, with the multi disc changer, nav and media interface. I was given a new set of cables from the supplying dealer. I have a 5th gen iPod classic which when connected displays...
  17. roop_the_loop

    Connecting iPod to Audio 20 (E220, W212)

    Hi All, Newbie alert - first time poster! Also, a bit of an odd question, hoping that someone out there has come across this before... I have a new E220, and I'm trying to connect my iPod to the USB interface of the Audio 20 ent unit. I first tried with my daughter's new-ish iPod Touch...
  18. U

    Audio 30APS USB Connection

    Hello All, This is my first post on forum :) I have MB C180K/w203/2002 Year. it has Audio 30APS (as following image, it has Navigation , CD and Radio.) This Audio play only CD disk with max 19 musics(burned with NERO MP3 CD). So i thought it would be better to transfer music on my USB...
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