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    Mercedes S600 W140 ( Problem ASR )

    Hello, So I have a Mercedes S600 W140 coupe from 1995, which has been stationary for a while because of a rather painful problem, therefore ASR problem, after several diagnostics I decide to replace the two butterfly boxes (Driver and Passenger), I now have new fault codes and still the ASR...
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    Help Needed! '80s Mercedes Fan venturing into the '90s

    Greetings everyone, I'm new here as I need some help and advice on a car I'm currently looking at: 1997 W140 S280 with 59K on the clock. It looks nice, with minor blemishes on the front wings and an (almost) immaculate interior. I currently have a 1987 R107 300SL, a 1990 C126 500SEC, and a...
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    Project - Restore the beast

    Hey guys, So, it's finally time that I've decided to restore my W140. There are a number of problems with it such as: Service Over the next 2 weeks, I'll be getting a full on service changing everything needed to get it back into s healthy state. I feel the car drags rather than driving...
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    About to pick up 1993 W140 S500

    I had a W140 S280 years ago, downgraded (that's the way I saw it) to a used W220 S320 that turned out to be a bit of a lemon, and have been through plenty of contemporary cars since (mainly company cars) including Volvo XC90, Ford Mondeo 2ltr estate Titanium X, Toyota milk float, Renault Megane...
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    500sel Badge (W140)

    I was after a photograph of the rear badge in its correct factory position. It would really help if someone could place a measuring tape against it so can get the spacing etc. correct. Many thanks. Kam
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    Driving in 'W' Mode

    Hello all! W140, S500, 1996 (five speed): Driving in 'W' mode feels smoother and lighter than the 'S' mode for a reserved driver like me. The vehicle starts out in 2nd gear and shifts up earlier too. Could it harm the gear or the engine in any way if always driven in W mode. Regards
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    Throttle Problem W140 S500

    W140, S500, 1996 While stopping at long red signals or otherwise, I usually shift the selector from 'D' to 'N'. It happened twice that when I shifted it back to D, the RPM hardly went beyond 1500 and car took acceleration extremely slowly even when I floored it. And neither did it shift up...
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