1. S

    Need to code the instrument cluster ECU on A180 (W176)

    Hey Guys I've recently replaced the instrument cluster on my A180 (W176), third gen, but need to code it. Have been looking at this scanner: https://albionshire.co.uk/product/thinktool-lite-obd2-car-diagnostics-tool-with-ecu-coding/ It's obviously a lot of money so want to make sure I'm...
  2. W

    A180 w176 1.5 d auto amg sport losing power please help!!!

    Hi it’s been quite a journey I purchased the above car on a 64 plate and on the 150 mile journey the engine management light came on so I called the seller who advised I drive on so I got about 30 miles further and it was hopeless I think I would still be driving back now so I had it recovered...
  3. M

    Mercedes w176 2013 a200 fuel issue

    Hi all So the car been driving fine until one day I filled up the vehicle to the brim ... I filled up at the same petrol station that I have been using for the last 4 years and used the same pump Went to turn the car on . And just clonked out ... Just died on me ... After couple attempts...
  4. A

    Hi Folks! - New A220d Owner!

    Hi, I thought I'd say hello and try to gain some useful information/knowledge on the a220d. I've had the car a few months now - Pretty Happy with it (A220d - AMG Line Premium - With night pack) - Pic Below.
  5. B

    2016 A Class A200D AMG - Sat Nav & Apple Car Play help please

    Hi, I've recently just bought a Mercedes A200d AMG 2016 model (the 2016-2018 diamond grille) I bought it via a dealer but awaiting delivery. It doesn't come with sat nav as this needs activating? What does this mean please? Some are saying you just need the SD maps card, but some forums are...
  6. K


    Hi there guys, iv recently bought a 2015 mercedes a class that doesnt come with electric seats, now iv got some a45 bucket seats that are electrically adjusted, they can be retrofitted but i just want to know where from, preferably somewhere closeish to the south and west yorkshire region...
  7. ProjexDesignUk

    ARMA Speed Carbon Air Induction - Mercedes A45 AMG

    We have just received the UK's first ARMA Speed Carbon Air Induction kit - we are now the Dealer for the Uk and they do many other applications for Mercedes, Audi, BMW. This kit has been DYNO tested and Increases the car's BHP an extra 15bhp Here is a video for you to view...
  8. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes A Class W176 / A45 AMG Tuning parts...

    We have just uploaded the whole range of the Revozport accessories for the all new Mercedes A Class W176 inc A45 AMG Please feel free to view http://projexuk.com/tuning/revozport/car:mercedes:a_class_w176 21 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr 29 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr 23...

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