1. Celso Hernandez

    C220 W205, issues when I try to play music from the phone

    Hello guys, I have a C220 BLUETEC w205 2015. Im trying to connect my phone to the car so that I can listen to Spotify there. When I connect the phone via bluetooth I can make phone calls through the car and it works wonders. But for me to play media it hasn't worked so far. I don't know if im...
  2. A

    Saloon cars front/rear bumper

    Hi, I have a W205 C220d 2016 AMG Line. For example, on speed humps (in 30 mph area), going on 25mph without pressing the brake sometimes, I seem to hear the front bumper being scratched. This always spoils the driving experience and have to constantly think whether something is damaged when...
  3. V

    Squeaky noice and Shaking in D1 gear after just started engine

    Hi everyone, my car is W205 2020, just bought for two months, about 1500km. I found that it has some noise and shaking problems as follows: (1) when i push the combination switch to turn left/right beyond the point of resistance, and after the car has just turned to that direction, i mean...
  4. Fraiser

    Loud Steering Squeak (Rubber Boot) - W205

    Hi all, First post since owning a number of MB cars, both moderns and classics. My W205 C220 sport has adopted this very annoying squeaking sound in the steering since I purchased from MB dealership. The dealership have returned the car under warranty several times with "no fault found" when...
  5. A

    Panamericana Grille Badge won’t fit

    Bought a grille fitted to the car and the original badge doesn’t twist into the grille as it’s too big, does anyone know if there’s a smaller badge you can get?
  6. J

    How to remove lower ball joint from controlarm on a 2014 w205?

    The joint is normally pushed out from behind with a tool but that wont work on this controlarm any ideas on how to get it of? Can i pull it off with a cup by the threads on the joint?
  7. Neptuno

    W205 C200 Sport: Soften up the hard ride?

    W205 C200 Sport. 2015 (32,660 miles). Since my wife has had a spinal operation she finds that the ride is too hard. Is it possible to soften it up by replacing springs and shocks, one or both? Has anyone had any experience in this? Thanks in hopeful anticipation, Dave
  8. B

    W205 wood Ash trim and clock retrofit SAM unit

    Hi everyone Does anyone have a detailed instruction manual or video which could help with getting access to the front SAM unit to retrofit the analogue clock to the centre console. I have been advised that the bonnet release lever needs to be removed from the drivers footwell but I am having...
  9. Jack F Taylor

    W205 Front bumper trim remove&replace

    Hi all! I was really clever today and cracked my gloss black front bumper trim :( I want to replace it obviously but I have no idea how to remove it I don't have access to car Jack's or a lift! Help and advice appreciated Thanks
  10. Z

    Winter Tyres Goodyear Ultragrip Gen 1 from C350e (Sport)

    Hi All, My C350e Sport went back into the Mercedes network earlier this year (sadly missed, not enjoying the Audi A5 SB I replaced it with!). I bought the winter tyres in Dec 17 and used them for a total of c6k miles over 2 winters. They are listed on eBay (ad below) and you can see evidence...
  11. G

    Apple CarPlay Adapter for 2016 C250d Coupe?

    Hi, I have a 2016 Mercedes C Class Coupe but it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay. I’ve managed to find an adapter for every Mercedes model apart from mine. What is the NTG version in my car as I’m also getting different answers on different websites. The car was first registered in June 2016. Any...
  12. Lukeya9

    W205 acceleration noise

    Hi wondering if anyone can help with as to what the noise might be when I accelerate. Is it just the engine noise? Only does it when in drive.
  13. Bernardo Hernández

    MB w205 C180 2015 Sunroof tilt problem

    Hi everyone, hope if someone has (I think!) this same problem, when I hold the sunroof button to tilt up the glass, at first it opens obout 4cms and immediately after closes to two cms, in other words, it does not maintain fully open. If I want to open it completely (tilt in the back) I have...
  14. T

    W205 Speaker upgrade

    It didn’t take long in my ownership of a W205 C220 to find out that the Audio 20 audio quality is pretty average. Booked the car into Unique/ Comand in Lightwater and had the front factory fitted speakers changed out, on their recommendation, for Focal speakers. The resulting sound improvement...
  15. T

    New owner of used W205

    Well, After a few questions on the forum and deciding whether to go ahead, I finally got it. Nov 2014 W205 C220 Bluetec AMG line. Thanks to Jaguar taking so long to deliver a new XF I had to wait for a couple of extra months before getting a mate's end of lease C220D. After taking delivery I...
  16. T

    C220 bluetec AMG Line anyone done high mileage

    Hi everyone. I have an opportunity to buy a soon to be ex lease, late 2014 C220 Bluetec Manual AMG Line saloon. 70k miles. Although the mileage is pretty high, I know the owner and the car has been carefully driven on mostly A road and motorway, well looked after both inside and out. I realise...
  17. Z

    Anyone fitted winter wheels/tyres onto a C350e?

    Hi, I've just joined. Thinking of fitting winter tyres/wheels to my 6mo old C350e. Checked out options with Mercedes and they say that the only OEM wheel that will fit the car is the A205 401 0800 wheel which they would happily sell me for £500 per corner including tyres! Not keen on spending...
  18. K

    New owner

    Hi all I picked up my new C Class 220d AMG Line Premium with Night Pack on Friday and it's really incredible. I've been lurking for a while on the forums so thought I'd say hi! I've done about 250miles so far this weekend and it really is effortless driving :-)
  19. C

    CLA Shooting Brake or C Class Saloon

    So I got invited down to a 'VIP' sales event at my local MB dealership recently. Whilst I've had my eye on a few newer models recently, I had no real intentions of upgrading at this time, but thought I'd head down to the dealer anyway to get some early ideas for my next car. Big mistake...I now...
  20. J

    W205 engine light fault. NEWBIE on Forum

    Hi all, I have recently bought a brand new Mercedes C Class 250D AMG_line Night Edition. This is my first Mercedes which I'm loving very much, but I am experiencing the orange engine management light coming on. The car has only done 2500 miles with first engine lamp fault coming on under...

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