1. Nic_s81

    Installing a aftermarket radio system

    Good day to all I’ve been trying to figure out, wether my CLK (W208) has a 2 din or a 1 din. As the original owner paid for a lot of the options which one was the sat nav system with the radio and telephone, but the current problem with it is it won’t turn on. If anyone has any idea what is...
  2. K

    W208 CLK55 AMG Passenger Power Seat Not Working

    Hello all, I purchased a (W208) 2001 CLK55 AMG a little over a year ago. It had a multitude of problems that I have fixed and addressed (with plenty of raging moments). As of recent, I've decided to try to fix the power seat issue with the passenger side (*Driver side has full functionality*)...
  3. S

    2001 A208 juddering at 65-70 MPH

    Recently purchased my first Mercedes and completely love it although there are a few teething problems I have encountered. I first noticed that the car was bouncing at around 65-70mph through the steering wheel. Feels like it's coming from the front wheels. I have taken it to one garage who...
  4. Eaton_Fed

    The supercharger on my CLK 200 KOMPRESSOR W208 stops working and the car loses power

    While I'm driving the supercharger just stops working and the car loses power and after a couple hundred feet it starts working again and the power is back, it does the same thing over and over again. The car is a 1999 CLK 200 KOMPRESSOR W208 Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. D

    W208 CLK 320 Auto Breaking

    Hi all, W208 CLK 320 Auto Breaking. This car is now up for grabs as a complete car or for spares (where it is most valuable as it is a rot box) Currently we have a full car in parts. The car is on ebay with detailed pics, just follow the link below...
  6. T

    BAS ESP light on - Tacho & Cruise OK - Help!

    I've read lots on this and other forums about BAS/ ABS faults but I've got a problem that seems different. I have a W208 CLK 200 that was running faultlessly up until I decided to sell it. The next time I turned on the ignition the dreaded BAS/ESP lights came on. How did it know? The...
  7. silestanix

    How To Change Heater Panel bulbs in W202/w208/etc

    So I have seen many threads on this topic but no pics, so as mine needed doing again I thought I'd make a sort of how to... First, I'd recommend putting the heater controls in a uniform setting ie both vertical. You'll need a pair of mole grips and a somewhat clean cloth. Secondly,make sure you...
  8. C

    W208 wide body

    hi guys has any one fitted the prior design kit to the w208 ?? Any advice regarding the rear widinings would be appreciated
  9. P

    W208 CLK55 Gearbox Oil

    Hi All I seem to remember reading that although the Gearbox was "sealed for life", it is now recommended that the oil is changed. If this is the case, does anyone know at what mileage intervals this should be done and also what the oil specification is ? Thanks in advance. Phil
  10. zedmeister

    CLK320 petrol W208 Thermostat

    Hi Need a new thermostat on my car. ECP do a Circoli for only £7.20! I have read a lot of threads about the diesel thermostats going and having temp sensors. Does anyone know if the petrol cars have similar? Is the Circoli one okay or should I ring up the stealers? Thanks.
  11. C

    C208 (CLK200) Twin drive belt Diagram needed!

    Hi! I'm helping my friend with his CLK200 (C208, M111.943 engine) following failure of his exhaust manifold! My friend got one of his local friendly moles to weld back the broken neck of the manifold - it's the 'coaxial' short-neck aluminium one - they ALL crack!!! I've got all the bottom...
  12. W

    Help! can't find Yaw rate sensor on W208 CLK 230 convertible

    Hi, I'm new here so I hope i've posted this in the right place. If not, apologies and please tell me where to go - be nice. I've been looking everywhere for the Yaw rate sensor in my 2000 W208448 CLK 230k convertible. I've searched this forum and the rest of the world for clues on where it...
  13. B

    BAS ESP Visit Workshop (W208)

    Hi All. Thought I would post summary of recent problem I had with the BAS ESP, how it has been resolved and recommendations for H E Lock, Merc Indy in Rushden, Northants. Since owning 2001 CLK2300 Convertible (w208) I had overlooked a few issues didn’t appear to cause any long term problems...
  14. L

    driver window regulator w208

    I got the panel off and removed the offending parts, unfortunately the window does no more than deploy 1/4 down and then up. Seems so like a jam but nothing can be found. This has lead me to believe the regulator is faulty. The question is to have a new door fitted with working window, or new...
  15. L

    CLK W208 driver door panel removal?

    The metal hinge/bar ( stops the door from opening to far ) broke in two, prior owners repair. this metal arm has now fallen inside the door and is stopping the window from opening fully. I need to remove the panel and the the metal arm from inside. Question: tools required, will screw driver...
  16. P

    W208 CLK Convertible Roof Issue

    Hi all I have a 2001 W208 CLK 230K Convertible and the issue I am having is when I unlock the roof using the manual handle, the roof pops up as it should but not far enough. When I pull the button up to open the roof fully, the rear windows folds up as it should and the metal compartment...
  17. P

    Clk320 1999 Petrol 13MPG and other niggles

    Firstly a hi to everyone and to to say that I love the forum and have read mountains of info already. Wasted the first 40yrs of my life not owning a Merc but have rectified that and have a 99 Clk320 W208. I love it and will be owning more no doubt/with any luck! BUT Here are the niggles...
  18. S

    clk W08 how long to change camshaft?

    hello everybody, On my W208 230k the camshaft VVT adjustment gear pulley in making a little bit of noise when revs go up and down, rev to 3-4k hold the revs it makes no noise, been told by my local garage to change the camshaft and redo the timing it will take 5-6hrs is he serious or just...
  19. nicensleazy

    My 'New' W208 Courtesy Of Benzworx

    I’ve owned a 1998 230 CLK Elegance 5 speed manual for very nearly 2 years now and really from the first time I drove it I loved it. It originally had 88k on the clock, service history up to 76k but it had perhaps fallen on hard times slightly and was starting to show its age, courtesy of a...
  20. C

    speedo cluster

    I have put some chrome rings in my dash unit CLK 320 2001 model and since replacing it back in the car all the dials work correctly apart from the speed which is reading approx 10 mph wrong eg reads 20mph but actually doing 30mph according to my sat nav has anyone an idea how to set it up again...
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