w220 problems

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    Difference between rebuilt and new Airmatic struts

    Interesting reading from the bilstein website on the differences between rebuilt and new struts. http://www.bilsteinus.com/fileadmin/airspring/BILSTEIN_B4_air_suspension_module_catalogue.pdf
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    2003 W220 S350

    Hi guys Hope somebody can help. My car throws up these faults under acceleration after about 4000rpm. I can reset the codes and the engine light goes out and drives fine otherwise as long as i don't go above 4000rpm. Spark plugs, coils, fuel filter, air filter are all recent. Any ideas...
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    w220 2001 s320 cdi no start

    Hi peeps. major issues for this w220. here is what happened. car just stopped when driving, no power, no crank. been parked up for 4 months. so had a look and got some fault codes. After diagnostics with a Launch machine, rear sam unit was out. replaced, also replaced front right sam...
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    Heater Blower Problem

    Another problem with my W220, :shock::mad: When I turn the heater blower on you can hear the air blowing but only a tiny amount of air is coming out of the vents as though there is a pipe not joined up, you can hear the noise of the air blowing it seems to be coming from the passenger side...
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    W220 creaking noise when turning wheel

    I have a 51 plate w220 cdi, when you turn the steering wheel it makes a creeking grinding kind of noise does anyone have any idea what this could be? it happens when stationary or when parking into a space.:confused:

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