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    W210 abs bas esp warning lights

    Hi folks - I know this topic is a perennial bug... please bear with me. 2002 E2320CDI estate (if it matters) started a few months ago bringing on the abs, bas and esp warning along with the bulb fail warning. Fixed by bending the fuse tabs to make better contact. Hurrah. Then it comes back...
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    C Class oil consumption and pressure

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2004 C Class 180 Kompressor. It is in great condition, low mileage and drives well. After searching for a dip stick I worked out that the car measures its own oil level. It said add 1.5 litres which I did. Dash then read correct level. A few questions...
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    Drive 'D' on dashboard display getting disabled with resultant loss of power

    My 180 C-class 2008 automatic has developed a two-fold problem where randomly the ‘drive’ (P, R, N and D) display on the dashboard display will get 'disabled' whilst driving along i.e. the ‘D’ option will no longer be shown selected in the display and the 'C' or 'S' (Comfort / Sport) option...
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    CLK280 A209 Engine Management Light Poor Running

    CLK280, registered Dec2005, 82000 miles. Went on long drive round France, started 'misfiring' under acceleration. Following morning started car and engine mgt system light flashed then stayed on and engine started running really rough/lumpy. Let car warm up, stopped, restarted, engine running...

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