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    Wheel Bearings

    I have a mercedes 1991 Autotrail Apache Motorhome which is built on a mercedes 208d 2.3 bed. Having trouble finding replacement wheel bearings for it, it currently sits in a workshop/garage who have informed me today that the wheel bearings that they had sourced from different suppliers do not...
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    Slight play on front tyres

    C class 2012 coupe Had MOT done today. Have slight play on both from wheel bearings. Is the cheap to rectify? Do Mercedes look at this and repair when servicing? Thanks Luke
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    Noise when reversing and when taking my foot of the accelerator in automatic

    Hey Guys, I have a 2010 VITO 115 CDI automatic Deisel. Ive had the van serviced and they couldn't find out what was wrong it so here i am. When i take my foot off the accelerator there is what i would say is a grinding sound which is something going round. I have tried reving the engine...
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    W202: Shuddering under breaking, wheel bearing adjusted, long term fix required

    On the motorway, I noticed a pulsating brake pedal and the whole car shaking under moderate braking. I thought my brake disks were warped so booked the car into a local garage for a free brake inspection. They reported that a front wheel bearing was loose, and they had tightened it...
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