wiper problems

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    Broken Windscreen Wiper Clip

    Hi everyone! New to this forum so hope this is the right place to ask this! Recently tried putting on new wiper blades on my 2017 A-Class, and one of the clips that you attach the blade into broke... The new blades didn't come with these and I've contacting Halfords to see if they sell them...
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    W203 wiper problem

    I got this wierd problem with my wipers and its really annoying, i think the video explains everything. Tried screwing around with the wipers a bit but dont understand how to move back the stopping point... Any help or tips would be awesome!
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    Callan Ettore, Victoria BC Canada

    Hi. My first post, I an having wiper problems. Just finished a complete body work job on my 380.sl , (1984). Did it at school, four of us spent four months doing all the body work and then the paint job. Turned out great, so many compliments. So after we got her all put back together, the...

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