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Jun 13, 2006
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W210 estate
Ive got a 51 reg 320 slk currently and ive got a probelm when you go to start the car its come up with start error in the dash pod! there is a fault code stored to the engine ecu saying something along the lines of DAS unable to send start message! DAS has not got any codes in it. the car will start and run only when you enter the DAS module with a piece on diagnostic equipment! the car then starts and runs fine if you turn off and start straight away it will normally start again but if you switched off left it for a while then tried to start it the same start error in dash pod until you enter DAS module with equipment! It has got battery voltage on the term 30 wire, the same on the term 15 wire with ignition on! and the main earth is good at the DAS module! plus the remotes were working the central locking but they have also now stopped working!
any ideas?

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